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Milieu Insight, market research analytics startup based out of Singapore raises capital amounting to US$2.4 Million, in pre- Series A funding round led by in MassMutual Ventures Southeast Asia

Milieu Insight Secures US$2.4 Million in MassMutual Ventures Southeast Asia-led Funding Round

In a pre- Series A funding round, a consumer data and market research platform startup, Milieu Insight based out of Singapore has successfully secured an investment worth US$2.4 million, according to the startup’s recent announcement. The venture capital firm, Mass Mutual Ventures’ regional arm MassMutual Ventures Southeast Asia was leading the pre- Series A funding round which has helped the startup raise a capital worth US$ 3.5 million in total. The amount has been a accumulation of all of Milieu Insight’s funding rounds till date.

The Southeast Asian markets including Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia are the startup’s focus in launching itself, while it already cater to countries like Thailand and Singapore with a minimum 40 clients there; apart from furthering its product development utilizing the money raised in this funding round.

The startup was first established by Gerald Ang, in the year 2016. Having gained experience as a managing director of Thailand’s YouGov and commercial director at GfK; the startup he established operated by leveraging technology and applying consumer research best practices.

Milieu Studies, is one among its other services that delivers a broad- range of customizable, ready-to-launch studies that companies can use for a variety of use-cases, from ad effectiveness to brand awareness to product tests.

The existing research buyers have turned the startup’s focus on the four markets including Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia; as they demand for comprehensive understanding of the trends of consumers in their countries which notably is affected directly by the changing market dynamics as well. Apart from this they also want to target their investment in automation and technology to sell market research solutions.

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