10 Funniest Disney Movies, Ranked!

10 Funniest Disney Movies, Ranked!
10 Funniest Disney Movies, Ranked!

Disney movies have been a part of life since childhood. Some of them made us happy others cost us a cycle of emotional turmoil and some others were hilarious of a kind. They left us laughing till we got to the floor.

Today’s update is about all those movies and animated films that always tended to be too funny, we really had a Gala time enjoying it with our family.

One among them is Tangled, the best princess movie Disney had ever given us. There is a sheer amount of humor throughout the movie, watching Rapunzel itself is a lovely things, more over there are other characters like Maximus who add to the tonic.

Next is, A Goofy Movie of 1995. Goofy’s clumsy, over the top self, add motion to the movie. There are a ton of things to keep laughing at. 

10 Funniest Disney Movies, Ranked!
10 Funniest Disney Movies, Ranked!

If you expect some comedy for the older viewers , then Zootopia is a must watch. Also Olaf’s hilarious one liners throughout Frozen, the 2013’s film had made it one of the most popular movies of all time.

Moreover, nobody can forget Sven’s sarcastic reactions and the funniest facial expressions. Next is wreck it Ralph, a movie aimed at gamers full of inside jokes a tribute to the classic games and characters which right from the beginning had a comedic tone.

2002’s Lilo and Stitch was another physical comedy, who doesn’t love Stitch’s mischievous avatar!

Mulan is the next of the list, it is a mix of seriousness and a lot of comedy. A fun watch of the actions of a set of unique personalities, Big hero Six is quite serious sometimes, but is one of the most hilarious movie of all times.

And then, who doesn’t love the connection between Genie and Aladdin, too much fun it is. And the last of the list is The Emperor’s New Groove, the movie is filled with a whole range of humor from the start to the finish. One shall find, physical comedy, dry wit, and dozens of Sarcasm.

The names are only too much fun to hear, guess how much fun watching it would be.

If you Haven’t watched any of them,  kindly don’t spoil your chance.

Happy Watching!

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