Best Meme Crypto to Invest in 2023 

  • Meme Coins are the cryptocurrencies that achieved popularity based on social media trends, jokes, satire, and internet memes.
  • Most of the Meme Coins are issued as ERC-20 tokens over the Ethereum blockchain platform.     

Meme Crypto gained popularity based on trends, social media, jokes, and internet memes and was developed with keeping no  utility in mind. Meme Coins bank on community participation, virality, social media trends, humor, and the capability to quickly market helps in attracting young participants interested in the crypto market. The key purpose of the Meme Coins development is entertainment but they are also high-risk investments and may result in little or no intrinsic value. The Meme Coins price on 19 June 2023 is around $19.73 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,129,632 and the present ranking of Meme Coin is #2761. 

What are the top five Meme Crypto to buy in 2023?

The capability for substantial rewards makes the Meme Crypto an appealing investment for individuals who are willing to take the challenge. In 2023, the highlight is on the following five Meme Coins. 

Dogecoin: The first Meme Coin  

Dogecoin crypto was invented in 2013 with a cute Shiba Inu dog as its mascot and active digital community who invest in Crypto. Crypto gains popularity in 2021 and does not impose a finite supply of digital assets. It is primarily used for microtransactions and online tipping. Also, the current value of Dogecoin is around $0.07312, upping a market value of $10 billion.      

Shiba Inu (SHIB): Follower of Dogecoin

SHIB was introduced in 2020 and is mainly inspired by Dogecoin adopting a similar look and a playful spirit. The coin mainly focuses on the community and its big goals, such as creating a decentralized ecosystem. The current value, as of writting this article, of SHIB is approximately $ 0.0000072, with the market financing close to $5 billion.          

Pepe Coin: Involvement of meme with art and investment  

Pepe Coin is inspired by the famous internet frog meme “Pepe the Frog” and brings together cryptocurrency and digital art. The coin motives to develop collectible and unique digital assets and experienced potential growth in the marketplace, reaching around $680 million.     

Floki: The Viking Meme Coin 

Folki coin is majorly inspired by Elon Musk’s Pet Dog and uses active online communities and the potential of celebrity influencers to gain popularity. The current value of Folki coin is around $0.000003574 with a market financing of $307 million and is expected to achieve long-term success.     

Bone Shiba Swap (BONE): Altering Meme Coin Exchanges

BONE was introduced in May 2021 and serves as Automated Market Maker (AMM), and Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The coin acts as a native token encompassing a variety of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications, involving liquidity provision, farming, and staking. The current value of BONE is around $0.8015 with overall market financing of $184 million.   


Meme Coin is a Cryptocurrency that gains popularity through internet-based memes, social media trends, and virality. Entertainment is the main purpose of Meme Coin but may result in a risk of little or no intrinsic value. BONE, SHIB, Dogecoin, Folki, and Pepe Coin are five Meme Crypto to invest in 2023. High return, if invested appropriately, and low entry costs are some major benefits of investing in these Meme Coin.  

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