Revamped BOS Is Getting A Boost With NEAR Tokens

  • The Blockchain Operating System is emerging as a pathfinder for the crypto community.
  • By using NEAR tokens, the ecosystem is paving the way for big possibilities. 

Web3 is an evolving technology that has vast possibilities. Since its arrival, we have seen a number of projects attempting to make it better. Recently, NEAR Protocol’s Blockchain Operating System (BOS) has put forward a new approach to this. It focuses on high usability and makes the framework ready for challenging tasks faced by users.

Upon its announcement, BOS had to face some criticism from the NEAR community and investors. But today, the operating system is receiving praise for its pioneering features from the same people. And if you’re wondering how did this happen, let’s go ahead and find it out together.

An all-new blockchain with user-friendly interactions

The development team of BOS has claimed that they have done some major changes in the way the system interacted with the users. According to them, the updated version addressed many issues and does away with various difficulties. It connects different blockchain platforms by creating seamless entry points.

Also, they have totally altered the interface as per the needs of its users. Explaining the revised platform, they asserted that BOS is now an all-in-one solution. In its statement, the team compared the ease of using the operating system with doing online shopping on an e-commerce website.

They emphasized that it has emerged as a new solution for lots of problems that the world of the internet has been facing. The team even talked about Web 2.0 when enumerating the issues faced. 

Utility in real-world scenarios

Showing its BOS’ usability in real-world cases, the team pointed out to the easy accessibility to Web3 gaming on crypto protocols like Solana, Ethereum, and NEAR. It would work quite like a marketplace that facilitates easy trading, selling, earning, and playing. Moreover, it would feature more than 50 games without charging any cost.

Besides that, it addresses the issues that the existing methods of facilitating cross-chain interaction face. They use bridges and multiple chains to form channels of communication. Now in the process of interaction, many loopholes crop up. The BOS team says that the upgraded version fixes those issues. 

It allots a single domain marketplace to all blockchains and streamlines the whole working of the ecosystem. 

Here’s how NEAR optimizes BOS

As per the NEAR community, its mechanism enables the BOS ecosystem to go beyond expectations. Not only does it make the operating system user-friendly but also turns it into a catalyst for monetization. The NEAR tokens become a medium of exchange for licensing among gateways, widgets, and dApps. So much so that they even incur the cost of transactions and other users’ actions. 

BOS reintroduced with a broader vision

BOS has emerged with the vision of interconnecting all blockchains. The team proposed this concept before, but its implementation didn’t seem feasible then. With the Blockchain Operation System, it becomes possible and the developers are aiming to achieve that feat now. 


With a litany of cutting-edge functions, BOS is here to bring radical changes, at least as per the NEAR community. The ecosystem does show a promising future with enhanced capability and an optimized structure. We’ll have to see how this mechanism changes things at the grassroots level for blockchain users.

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