Yuga Labs Announces Big Gaming Projects In Mech Segment

  • Yuga Labs is making strides in the NFT space with advanced games.
  • After the resounding success of Dookey Dash and HV-MTL, it is planning a game for the metaverse too.

Yuga Labs is known as one of the prominent game-developing companies. Lately, it has also done some sorties into new technologies like Web3 and NFT. Its latest NFT-based game Dookey Dash received some negative feedback in some gaming circles. The main reasons behind it seem to be the costly NFTs and toilet humor. 

Making successful strides into the NFT space

However, the game took the trade using non-fungible tokens to $110 million. In addition to that, the winner sold his reward in lieu of Ethereum worth $1.63 million. Yuga has announced that it will launch another very soon. Notably, the game would exploit the theme of NFTs and incentives related to it.

The company announced that it would launch a game called HV-MTL Forge on June 29. It would focus on building games that revolve around the Bored Ape Yacht Club that create NFTs in the gaming niche. In the month of March, owners of another protocol, Sewer Pass NFTs, performed a swap of HV-MTL mech suit tokens.

The former was introduced as a means to play Dookey Dash. Soon enough, the developers turned HV-MTL NFTs into a pass to play to Forge game. It allowed the players to create a workshop and earn community votes as well. Moreover, it let the users make use of the customization features while playing.

Big launches & precious rewards

Yuga Labs co-founder Greg “Garga” tweeted about the forthcoming events. He said that they are going to roll out a lot of exciting content which would focus on giving an immersive experience. Also, Yuga Labs divulged some of its artifacts integrated with HV-MTL mech characters. 

Right now, all the NFTs of the company have a starting price of 0.88 ETH ($1,570) and are getting listed on the OpenSea secondary marketplace. According to the data released by CryptoSlam, HV-MTL NFTs have generated around $387 million for Yuga Labs.

Dookey was launched in January, and it featured a cartoon character on a rocket bike emerging out of a sewer. Yuga Labs promised it would reward the players who would successfully finish this game. The professional Fortnite player Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson bagged the reward after posting the top score. He received an NFT, which he shortly sold for 1,000ETH. At that time, the total worth of those tokens was $1.63 million. 

In terms of design, HV-MTL is quite similar to Dookey Dash. Reportedly, Yuga Labs is working on another project specifically for the Metaverse. It would support avatars from other NFT projects and will be built as per the structure of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.  


With the incorporation of NFTs, the gaming sphere has stretched its horizon. Not only is it giving more rewards, but it is forming a very inclusive environment. On top of it, the domain is paving the way for the inclusion of new technologies too. It is bringing new possibilities and making this activity more profitable too. At the same time, innovations are going rife, thanks to organizations like Yuga Labs. 

The confluence of different technologies through gaming is a milestone achievement. It is bringing different domains and letting the users make the most of technologies like blockchain and Web3. 

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