Alphabet Price Analysis: GOOGL Trying For Long-Term Buying 

  • The price of GOOGL is trading at $123.10.
  • The GOOGL price decreased by 1.50% in the last 24 hours.
  • The GOOGL year-to-date return is +37.41%.

Alphabet Inc. is a massive tech empire that emerged from reorganizing Google in 2015. It is the umbrella corporation of Google and several other ventures that work in domains such as machine learning, life sciences, cloud services, health care, and robotics. It is one of the world’s most lucrative companies and one of the Big Five American tech giants. Its creators are Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who also have a majority stake in it.

Trend Analyzation

This week the trend was bearish as the price was down by 1.5%. By trend and price information history, we can say that GOOGL is performing well right now. The stock value surged by more than 4800% in all-time history, giving good returns to the investors’ money. 

Fundamental Stats

  • The stock market capitalization is $1.566 Trillion.
  • The stock price-to-earning ratio is 27.89.
  • The stock’s basic EPS is $4.52.
  • The stock’s profitability net margin is 21.59%.
  • The stock’s revenue is $282.83 Billion.

Source:  GOOGL/NASDAQ by TradingView

In 1-D Timeframe

In 1-D Timeframe
Source: GOOGL.1D.NASDAQ by TradingView

Trendline Analyzation

As per the trendline, it’s respecting the trendline and taking support and resistance exactly from the drawn trendline on the chart. So, as price action speaks, it is observed as a commonly known pattern of a bullish pennant. It’ll give a breakout from the upper trendline and go more bullish.


With the help of just two parameters: period and multiplier, this indicator works well. At period value 20 and multiplier value 2, it shows the continuous trend if it’s bullish or bearish. As shown in the chart, it’s bullish.


As we can see in the chart, the RSI line is in a bullish zone. The 14 SMA has a value of 62.58 points, and the RSI line is around 56.60. Since the 14 SMA line and RSI line are above the median zone, the market is bullish.


The price is going up on the 1D chart. It is above the 50, 100 & 200 EMA (exponential moving average), which supports the trend upwards. The buyers are stronger than the sellers, which shows buyers are ready to buy at every price. To change the direction, the price has to go down and stay below the 50, 100 & 200 EMA. Also, the price stayed above 20 EMA, which gives quite an idea that buyers are ready to buy the stock at every price, which is a good sign as well.

Source: GOOGL.1D.NASDAQ by TradingView

Volume Analyzation

The amount of GOOGL traded in a day is $17.755 Million. The trading activity is high now because the market is favorable, and volume is present in stock as well as buyers for the stock. Therefore, it can push the price upwards as the sentiments are positive due to the good volume present in it.


As per the price action, it’s forming a bullish pennant pattern and the GOOGL price is bullish. Currently, the technical parameters for GOOGL indicate bullish pressure in the upcoming trading days. Presently, the sentiments of investors and traders are bullish.

Technical Levels:

  • The Nearest Support Zone is $103.33.
  • The Nearest Resistance Zone is $143.93.


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