Cortex AI: Complete Beginners Guide to Cortex Node

  • Cortex (CTXC) is a decentralized blockchain supporting Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. 
  • It is the first public blockchain executing AI DApps and AI algorithms on the blockchain.  

Cortex was launched in May 2021, with the motive to make it easy for AI developers to upload AI algorithms and AI DApps on the blockchain. The platform has solved one of the biggest issues facing blockchains which is on-chain AI execution. Cortex allows running of the smart contracts on full nodes with complex interface consumption. The entire Cortex platform is empowered by an ERC20 token that is CTXC.       

What is Cortex AI?

The involvement of AI in Cortext enhanced the functionality of the first public blockchain. The concept made it easy for the developers to upload their models and work with the smart contract over the blockchain and verifies every action of the AI interface. 

The key purpose behind the idea is to negotiate and execute the contracts digitally, developed on multiple nodes in a distributed fashion, the platform supports AI smart contracts and an AI interface.   

What cortex is solving?   

To support AI contracts and AI interface, Cortex AI requires its nodes and virtual machines. 

The purchase of an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with Infer instructions and a deterministic inference engine contributed to the development of the Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM). 

The system made it easy for smart contract developers to access AI models on-chain. Cortex AI enhanced the open-sourcing of AI by improving the functioning of applications like AI Competitions, AI DApps, and model zoos.   

Also, the infrastructure of the CVM runs on GPU whereas the machine is completely compatible with the EVM.

AI-governed stable coins, Cryptocurrency lending, and Ads are some powerful platforms used currently.  Also, the AI DApps run on full nodes with the help of GPU/FPGA with enhanced functionalities such as more vivid NPCs.

Gaining the results from the third-party Oracle is one of the major problems resolved by the Cortex AI. The open and flexible feature of the system enables in-depth learning tools to be incorporated into the functioning. The System plays a significant part in solving the challenges related to the AI Monopoly and Smart Contract capability and developing a new eco-cycle for the AI industry.  

The democratization of AI helped AI developers to distribute their models worldwide and inspired developers to share better AI models. The idea will help the smart contract and DApp developers in having access to AI tools for development.  

The advancement of smart contracts using Cortex AI helped developers in creating applications like Cryptokitties. The application provides static cat pictures to the users which is not possible for other applications like Fomo3D. The creation of more complex and interactive applications becomes easy with Cortex’s AI smart contract. 

For example, the Cortex Smart contract improved the features and function, offering a more secure process for KYC application that requires a face recognition model.    


Cortex AI resolved major issues related to AI Monopoly and smart contracts. Cortex is the first public blockchain with the integration of AI-enhanced functionality. The system made it easy to upload AI algorithms and AI DApps and have access to the same. CVM enhanced the accessibility of the AI models for smart contract developers.   

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