Germany Launched Dog-Themed NFTs To recruit Cyber Experts

  • German intelligence service rolled out a dog-themed NFT to recruit cyber experts.
  • The participants must solve a query and claim the prize to win the tokens and get hired.

Governments worldwide have shown interest in adopting cryptocurrency in one way or another. The Non-fungible token (NFT) has emerged as the most feasible blockchain technology solution. Within a very short period, NFTs have gained huge popularity. Various artists and collectors have used this form of digital assets to secure their precious work.

A noble initiative for a practical purpose

Now, Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrischtendienst (BND) has rolled out its own NFT. That’s right. The government body has launched a dog-themed token collection under its hiring drive for cyber experts. These tokens will work on an on-chain network and are inspired by BND’s guard. 

The motto of the tokens is to recruit new talents who will fill the roles in the country’s intelligence department. More than the news itself, it’s the method of broadcasting that has caught everyone’s attention. The BND shared an Instagram post with a string that takes the visitors to an Ethereum address. 

From there, the aspirants must complete a task to mint an NFT using the information. On June 19, the government body talked to a native crypto outlet BTC-Echo to create the quest-based assessment for the desired applicants. Reportedly, the BND has made only 12 tokens available and plans to add more tasks to the exercise.

Since, the launch of these tokens, the price of NFTs has increased along with the trading volumes. The floor price of Ether (ETH) has moved from 0.000001 to 0.052 ETH, and it touched the mark of $100. However, the price rise has favored the liquidity level of the NFT collection. On June 21, the collection saw a total volume of just 1 ETH. The number indicated the sale of approximately 20 tokens. 

While the move from the German government might seem puny, it may have a lasting impact on the adaption of the crypto world. This particular incident could work as a precedent for many other countries. However, it would be very early to say that such an initiative could inspire others to do something around crypto. Other crypto initiatives by governments globally

Georgia- Land Registry

In 2016, Georgia’s National Agency of Public Registry (NAPR) launched a groundbreaking project. They collaborated with a blockchain firm Bitfuri Group to make the land registries in the decentralized ledgers. The project focused on using smart contracts to make unalterable deeds to prevent disputes.

Malta – Academic Record

The Maltese government inducted blockchain to manage its Education and Employment records. Using the technology, the government verified credentials and solved various issues. They developed the Blockerts app that deployed the decentralized technology to enlist their institutes and candidates.  

Switzerland- Decentralized Identity

The Swiss government used the Ethereum network to manage the database of its citizens. They rolled out the project in the city of Zug and enrolled all the residents in the pilot. Today, all the city’s people use blockchain to use their identity for different purposes. 

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