A Complete Guide to Azuki BEANZ NFTs 

azuki nft
  • BEANZ is a hand-drawn NFT collection used to communicate with each other and forms gestures to express themselves.
  • Owning an Azuki BEANZ NFT helps in gaining access to a holders-only Discord community, merchandise, and future collectible drops. 

BEANZ is a collection of 19,950-strong profile picture NFTs consisting of 16 different types of Beanz. Every Beanz is different, with a unique set of attributes ranging from shoes, clothing, eyes, face, headgear, hand props, etc. There are approximately 560 attributes that make each Beanz completely different from another. BEANZ NFTs offer affordable entry to the Azuki community and help individuals become a part of the exclusive community. The collection is the second most popular collection from the developer Azuki. Azuki’s first NFT collection, Azuki NFTs are based on Anime-styled tokens and was a huge success with around $650 million in sales volume.       

History and stats 

BEANZ is a project of Chiru Labs that launched on March 31, 2022. The project was developed by a team of artists and programmers led by Zagabond, the founder of Azuki. BEANZ NFTs is a collection of 19,950 profile pictures and involve around 16 different types of Beanz having a unique set of attributes.  

There are two main types of Beanz in the collection that are Toshi and Gus. The red Beanz, Toshi is mainly known to be very rebellious, wanders the garden, and is always ready to bite as per the situation. Gus, the blue Beanz, sometimes called Les is majorly used for disturbing the Azuki partners. Les is as good as Toshis when it comes to getting involved in mischief.

Focusing on the stats, the total volume of BEANZ NFTs is around 144,685 ETH and the ground price of one NFT is approximately 1.44 ETH. Till now from the project opening, an average of 7480 individuals have purchased these NFTs. Holding BEANZ NFT made it easy for individuals to join the Azuki community and merchandise.  

There are high chances to see BEANZ NFTs in Metaverse in the near future.  

However, the launching of the Beanz project brought numerous controversies related to the launching. MetaMorphy, a Twitter user, accused that the NFTs were sold above the ground price and were sold a few hours before the actual launching. The company assured the users that no internal trading took place with these NFTs.

To become a member of the Azuki community, it is essential for the individual to buy BEANZ NFTs, which are available on OpenSea and LooksRare. Both platforms are considered two of the biggest NFT marketplaces worldwide. OpenSea page data shows that the collection has around 7,200 owners with a ground price of 3.59 ETH. Beanz collection has emerged as one of the best sellers in the market with around 48,900 ETH trade volume. The owner of the BEANZ NFT is allowed to create, sell, bid on, purchase, trade, and collect the Beanz, and are affordable.           


BEANZ NFTs are introduced by a group of artists and programmers led by Zagabond, the founder of Azuki, in 2022. It involves a 19,950-strong profile picture NFT with 16 different types of Beanz with a unique set of attributes. Gus and Toshi are two types of Beanz that help individuals interact with other community members.    

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