Rocket Pool Price Analysis: Will the Fall Continue in RPL?

  • The price of Rocket Pool (RPL) is $36.19, which is a +1.26% increase in the last 24 hours.
  • As of 11 July 2023, Rocket Pool (RPL) ranks #60 on Coingecko and #63 on CoinMarketCap, according to their data.
  • According to Coinglass, Rocket Pool (RPL) has increased its Open Interest by +2.17% in the last 24 hours, and it is now $833.36K.

The current fully diluted Valuation of Rocket Pool(RPL) is $709,194,677, as per CoinMarketCap.

Rocket Pool (RPL) is a protocol that lets users stake ETH and get rewards on the Ethereum blockchain without needing their own nodes or locking their ETH for long periods Users can stake as low as 0.01 ETH on the Rocket Pool network and get rETH tokens, which show their staked ETH and rewards.

Rocket Pool (RPL) hit its all-time high of $61.90 on Apr 16, 2023 (3 months ago). The current price is -41.33% lower than the peak price and Rocket Pool (RPL) has risen by +7.30% in the last week. The trading volume of RPL has increased by +74.55%, reaching $472.88K in the last 24 hours, according to Coinglass..

Rocket Pool (RPL) has outperformed the global cryptocurrency market, which has dropped by -1.60%, and other Ethereum Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, which have risen by 12.70%, according to Coingecko.

Rocket Pool Technical Analysis


Market Structure: 

The Rocket Pool(RPL) has been declining from higher levels for a very long time after making a high of $65.14 and then started to decline from the following level by making lower lows and is still following the same without showing any signs of reversal.

Rocket Pool Indicator Analysis

Rocket Pool Indicator Analysis
Source: Rocket Pool. COINBANSE.1D by TradingView


The Rocket Pool (RPL) trades under the 20,50-day Exponential moving average, which signals a bearish crossover and shows that sellers dominate the market. If sellers keep driving the market lower, Rocket Pool (RPL) can reach higher prices in the next few days, triggering an uptrend.


The RSI for Rocket Pool (RPL) is weak based on the current market situation, as it has been dropping from the overbought level and making lower lows. The RSI is now at 36, which is theoretically weak and shows that the RSI is tired based on the current price movement.


The chart shows a bearish crossover and lower low levels in the market, and the RSI also shows lower lows, indicating a bearish signal. The market faces resistance at the higher levels, as it forms wicks at the top and bearish candlesticks. Therefore, the chart suggests that RPL will remain weak in the next few days.

Technical Levels

  • Support Level – 33.91
  • Resistance Level – 41.92


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