Stacks Price Prediction: STX trying to rebound, will it succeed?

  • Stacks is trading with a long/short ratio of 0.9384 in the last 24 hours.
  • The current circulating supply for STX is 1,390,875,025 STX.
  • The capital deposited as a loan or collateral in STX is $207,359,237.

Stacks(STX) is trading at a price of $0.651 on 11 July 2023 with an advance of +5.4%. Stacks has shown an astonishing return of +172.85% in the last 6 months.

Stacks (STX) is a blockchain platform that allows Bitcoin, the most trusted and valuable decentralized network, to support smart contracts and dApps.

Stack has shown a rise of +27.07% in the trading volume in the last 24 hours with a rise of 4.11% in Market Cap, resulting in $906,752,798.

The all-time low of STX is $0.04501 against the high price of $3.61, whereas the Stacks is currently trading at +1341.64% above the all-time low.

The total supply for STX is 1,818,000,000 resulting in the same amount of max supply as per

Stacks Technical Analysis 


Market Structure:

Stack(STX) has been declining from the higher levels but has recently started to rebound after making a low of 0.4400 and started making higher highs breaching the previous swing high, and is again showing signs of weakness by declining from the higher levels and breaking down the low of the previous swing.

Stack Indicator Analysis

Stack Indicator Analysis
Source:  STXUSD. COINBANSE.1D by TradingView


Stack is currently trading in a bullish crossover but is about to give a new bearish crossover, and also, the STX is sustaining below the 20,50-day Exponential moving average, which indicates the weakness in the market.


Based on the current charts of STX, we can see that the RSI is trading below the 50 levels and has been making lower lows rejecting the overbought zone of the RSI. This indicates weakness in the market and also the pessimism among the buyers.

Trendline Analysis:

Since the fall started, the STX started to make lower lows, and this resulted in the formation of a dynamic resistance the market recently broke out. This resistance represented the help of a trendline and gave a fast momentum in the upper direction and is again declining, presenting weakness in the market.


Based upon the chart of the Stacks, we can observe that the market is trading in a rangebound zone, and moving averages are contracted with each other, but the RSI is declining, presenting weakness in the market. Hence we must wait for a clear trend to get established in the STX.

Technical Levels

Support Level – The support levels for Stacks are- 0.4788, 0.5376 and 0.6553

Resistance Level- The resistance levels for the Stacks are- 0.8144 and 0.9756


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