NEAR Protocol Price Prediction: NEAR Breaks Out Triangle Pattern!

  • NEAR Protocol is currently trading at a price of $1.345 with an advance of 1.64% in the last 24 hours.
  • The current liquidity for the NEAR is 2.38% ranking #78 as per
  • The last 24 hour trading volume for NEAR Protocol is $30,172,457 resulting in decline of -23.09%.

NEAR Protocol is trading with a long/short ratio of 1.0509 with longs of $2.48K against shorts of $23.26K. This resulted in long liquidation of $22.66 against $18.01K.

The NEAR Protocol is a first-layer blockchain platform that enables the creation and use of cloud computing services by the community without the limitations of conventional blockchains, such as sluggish transactions, limited capacity, and incompatibility.

Fully diluted market cap for the NEAR is $1,345,657,084 resulting in a total supply of 1,000,000,000 NEAR. Also the circulating supply for the same is 931,291,384 with popularity of 586,021x which makes it 145th out of 10.2K cryptos. 

NEAR Protocol Technical Analysis


Market Structure:

Looking at the current chart of the NEAR we can see that the market was consecutively making lower lows from a long time ago but recently reversed after hitting a low of $1.273. On charts the market also leads to the formation of a triangle pattern which has been broken out and if the market sustains above 1.360 then we can see a good momentum on the upside.

 NEAR Protocol Indicator Analysis

NEAR Protocol Technical Analysis
Source: NEARUSD. COINBASE.1D by TradingView


The market has been declining from higher levels resulting in a bearish crossover which led to a downtrend but in the very recent times, as on 30 June 2023 the NEAR made a recent swing low and started to rise resulting in contraction of 20,50-day exponential moving average and may can give bullish crossover if continue to push the price upwards.


The RSI for NEAR Protocol is reversing from the oversold level and is sustaining above the 50 level which indicates strength in the market, this often represents that we can get to see good momentum in the upcoming days.


As the chart of NEAR is contracting we can see that the market has started to trade in a narrower range and a breakout on either side can lead to a good momentum. There is a triangle pattern formed in the chart which has been broken out and the RSI is also support for the up move but the moving averages are still trading in bearish crossover, Hence if market sustains above 1.340 then we can see a good move on the upside and also bullish crossover in the upcoming days which can lead to a further uptrend.

Technical Levels

  • Support Level – 1.290 and 1.205
  • Resistance Level – 1.355, 1.395 and 1.480


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