Quant Price Prediction: Will QNT Break the Falling Wedge?

  • Quant is currently trading at a price of $102.00 with a decline of -0.01% in the last 24 hours.
  • The current liquidity for the QNT is 1.31% ranking #39 as per CoinMarketCap.com.
  • The last 24 hour trading volume for Quant is $16,239,558 resulting in an advance of +25.02%.

Quant has more short positions than long positions, with a ratio of 0.9543. The value of long positions is $703.04, while the value of short positions is $0. This means that no long positions were closed due to losses, but $4.93K worth of short positions were.

Quant (QNT) is a crypto project that enables different blockchains and networks to communicate and work together seamlessly through the Overledger Network, the first operating system for blockchains.

The total supply of QNT is 14,881,364, which gives it a fully diluted market cap of $1,516,076,026. Out of this supply, 12,072,738 QNT are in circulation and 271,231x people are watching it. It ranks 232nd among 10.2K cryptos.

Quant Technical Analysis


Market Structure:

According to the charts there has been a consecutive drop in the price level of Quant which resulted in the formation of lower low structure structure as the market was unable to break the higher swing which led to the formation of a falling wedge pattern and the market is still trading inside the same pattern resulting in uncertainty.

 Quant Indicator Analysis

Source:  QNTUSD. COINBASE.1D by TradingView


The market has been declining from higher levels resulting in a bearish crossover which led to a downtrend and the market is still trading in the same crossover which is leading to a consecutive drop in the price of the market.


The RSI for Quant is reversing from the oversold level but is unable to sustain above the 50 level which indicates weakness in the market, this often represents that we can get to see much lower levels in the upcoming days.


By looking at the chart of the QNT we can see that it has been going through a downtrend leading in formation of multiple resistance levels and a falling wedge pattern and also is trading in negative EMA’s crossover and RSI is also indicating weakness in the market. Until it breaks the wedge pattern on the upside it is expected to fall further and create new lows.

Technical Levels

  • Support Level – 97.75 and 88.05
  • Resistance Level – 112.25, 119.15 and 128.05


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