Coinbase Announces Base Neutrality Principles for Its New Blockchain

Coinbase Announces Base Neutrality Principles for Its New Blockchain
  • Coinbase has announced five neutrality principles for its new blockchain, Base. These principles ensure that Base is a fair and open platform for all users.
  • A survey found that 72% of blockchain developers are concerned about potential bias in blockchain networks.

Coinbase, a big cryptocurrency exchange, has a new “Base” blockchain plan. They want it to be fair and not controlled by one group. This idea is called “Base Neutrality Principles.” 

Coinbase’s plan follows a framework called “Law of Chains” by Optimism. This framework wants to unite different chains under a big vision. 

The challenge for Coinbase is to be involved without taking too much control, keeping the idea of decentralization strong. 

This move shows Coinbase is trying something new and keeping blockchain technology open to everyone.

Get into more detail about base neutrality principles.

The Five Neutrality Principles 

Here are the five neutrality principles and what they mean:

  1. The Law of Chains

All blockchains built on the Base will be treated equally. This means no blockchain will have any special privileges or advantages over another.

  1. Transaction Ordering is a Free Market

Coinbase will not influence the order of transactions on Base. This means that the order of transactions will be determined by the market, not by Coinbase.

  1. No Coinbase Token

Coinbase will not create its own token for Base. This means that no single token will be used to power all applications on Base.

  1. No Coinbase Product or Service Preference

Coinbase will not give preferential treatment to its products or services on Base. This means that all applications on Base will be treated equally, regardless of whether Coinbase develops them or not.

  1. No Coinbase Data Advantage

Coinbase will not use data from other products or services to gain an advantage on Base. This means that all applications on Base will have access to the same data.

Why Are Neutrality Principles Important?

Here are some of the reasons why a blockchain network should be neutral:

  • Fairness

Neutrality ensures that all users, applications, and participants are treated fairly and equally within the blockchain network. 

It prevents any single entity from gaining an unfair advantage, promoting a level playing field for everyone.

  • Openness

A neutral blockchain network maintains openness, allowing users to freely choose from various blockchains, tokens, and applications. 

This freedom fosters innovation and empowers users to select the most suitable solutions.

  • Trust

Neutrality fosters trust among users and developers, enhancing the network’s security and reliability for data storage and transactions.

  • Resilience

A neutral network resists bias and manipulation, increasing its resilience. This resistance ensures fairness and guards against dominance by any single entity.


Coinbase’s Base Neutrality Principles mark a new era in blockchain technology. They bring transparency, fairness, and balanced progress. 

Coinbase’s commitment reflects its drive for innovation while honoring blockchain’s core values. 

This move could reshape the blockchain’s future, creating a more open, cooperative, and reliable ecosystem.

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