Top 5 Female Executives Building A Lasting Legacy In Blockchain

5 Female Executives Building A Lasting Legacy In Blockchain
  • Blockchain empowers individuals to control their finances, destiny, and data. 
  • The below 5 women are always inspired by their visions of harnessing blockchain for good, along with a strong interest in liberal ideas like universal basic income and a sustainable ecosystem. 

One needs to always make sure that everything from legislative reform and education to compliance and integration. Also, some strong female leaders are always revolving around blockchain by taking the reins and mapping out some frameworks that are both easy to adopt and highly sustainable. One will learn about the top five female executives building a lasting legacy in blockchain. 

Top 5 Female Executives Building A Lasting Legacy In Blockchain

As mentioned above, blockchain always empowers individuals to control their finances, data, and destiny. These five women are ultimately inspired by their individual visions of using blockchain for good.  

  1. Shalini Wood 

The chief marketing officer of Babylon Chain, Shalini Wood, is the one who has spent more than 15 years in the entire global corporate communications business. Since the year 2017, she has had experience in the blockchain industry. 

At this particular point in time, she was the one who worked as the CMO of the Danish blockchain startup e-Money. Wood has also advised the highly successful cricket-focused NFT project named Rario. She has also worked for Fortune 500 enterprises before entering the blockchain business. 

  1. Leila Nassiri- Jamet

Now, she is the second top female executive who has built a lasting legacy in the blockchain, and she is also the legal officer of Ramp. Before serving as the legal officer of Ramp, Leila was the one who served as the general counsel along with the head of compliance at Proximity. 

  1. Chrissa McFarlane

As Chrissa McFarlane is the woman ranked in the third position, she is the one who has realized the applications of blockchain technology. 

  1. Elitsa Taskova

Since the year 2019, Elitsa Taskova has been heading up product development at Nexo. When she was working for the company, she suggested everyone accept Bitcoin as a payment. But everyone misunderstood and laughed. So, she decided she wanted to go where everyone thinks Bitcoin is the future. 

  1. Eowyn Chen

Now, Eowyn Chen is the one who is in the fifth position on the list. She is considered the one who took over the reins of Trust Wallet from its founder, Viktor Radchenko. Also, this incident happened in the year 2022, and because of this, she made her way to the list of the top 5 females. 


Last but not least, there are more than these five females who have made their way in the entire blockchain industry. Slowly and gradually, the industry will become vast and everyone will understand the concept and the methods of this blockchain industry.

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