Detailed Guide To The Concept Of EOSIO (EOS) Blockchain Networks 

EOSIO Blockchain (EOS) Network
  • EOSIO blockchain software is a flexible blockchain network that is highly configurable. This software also launches the entire blockchain network to suit a particular business. 
  • Also, the backlog is one of the worst things a blockchain platform can experience, and this can also cause the performance to deteriorate partially or even fully. 

The EOSIO blockchain is something that was started in 2017. Also, this is the public blockchain that has continued to gain momentum along with its native cryptocurrency. There are also some protocols for crypto-economic network usage whose models complement each other and contribute to the overall usability and adaptability that characterize the EOSIO network. 

Developments Of EOSIO (EOS) Blockchain Networks

EOSIO Blockchain (EOS) Network

In the year 2017, the EOSIO whitepaper was released, and it was later introduced as a visionary solution for blockchain technology. Later, Block. One successfully raised a record-breaking $4 Billion in the spring of 2018. 

Also, after the successful raise, CEO Brendan Blumer eventually led the entire way towards realizing the perfect vision of the EOSIO. The company launched EOSIO 2.0 on January 10, 2020. 

Below are some main features of the EOSIO blockchain ecosystem

Every platform of EOSIO has various technical characteristics, which will always help to make it extremely flexible and powerful, and it will also be very easy to use.

  • Programmable governance, along with economics
  • Some WebAssembly-Based C++ Development
  • Staking Mechanism to be Advanced
  • Comprehensive Permission Schema
  • Low Latency, high throughput, and faster confirmations are easily possible. 

EOSIO is also a WebAssembly (WASM) C++ development platform, which means it is straightforward, but at the same time, it is also a powerful programming language. Also, the language is used to build very smart contracts and interact with the EOS VM and the EOSIO ecosystem. 

One also needs to ensure that users can very easily stake EOS coins on the particular EOSIO platform with the help of the Cleos Command Line Interface (CLI). Later, when the user stakes through a platform’s CPU and NET, it should also be understood that they gain rewards proportional to the entire number of EOS coins staked by all other users within the particular network. 

Some EOSIO Blockchain Networks 

EOSIO Blockchain (EOS) Network

The diversity among EOSIO’s core features allows developers to leverage the flexibility and programmability to meet their application’s needs while reducing their environmental footprint.

  1. BOSCore

This network is ultimately committed to providing users with easy-to-access services. It also provides more and more user-friendly infrastructure for dApp operations. 

  1. EOS

This is the first global EOSIO blockchain network, launched in 2018 by a small community of block procedures. This network is also considered one of the most developed and widely accepted.

  1. EOSFinex 

Now, this is a scalable, transparent platform for digital asset trading with instant execution and industry-leading security. 

  1. Europe chain 

Europechain, a GDPR-compliant enterprise blockchain platform, is a blockchain network managed and governed by a group of experienced validators who have registered with the European Union.


The article clearly describes the EOSIO blockchain network. All the applications launched on any EOSIO blockchain-based network are always upgradeable. This is to be noted because it always allows developers to make code fixes and add features. There are also many different forms of EOSIO, and they are all different in their features and purpose.

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