Here Is The Complete List Of 5 Takeaways From Consensus 2023 

Here Is The Complete List Of 5 Takeaways From Consensus 2023
  • Now, the annual Consensus 2023, blockchain technology conference is the one that brought together industry leaders. 
  • This is also the event that highlighted several themes which also include infrastructure-focused projects and applications. 

Let me tell you that with the diverse range of voices from the industry, the conference showcased the entire growing maturity and sophistication of the blockchain industry. This has also come a very long way since its earliest years. So, in this particular content piece, you will come to know about 5 takeaways from the leader’s perspectives of thought leaders at the top of Web3 companies. 

The Complete List Of 5 Takeaways From Consensus 2023

So, this is the most important and interesting section of this entire content piece as it will let you know about 5 takeaways from Consensus 2023,

  1. Nick Baker, CoinDesk deputy editor-in-chief 

Now, being a consensus newbie this year, he is the one who is a very small-town yokel blown away by how big and impressive this event has been. The level of optimism people have about crypto is very high and this is a surprise which is just given how bad the regulatory outlook is. 

Also, people who are the one going to pay a lot of money to attend this particular event are going to be optimistic about the space. There are two people who are the best from traditional finance and they are the ones who remain quite high on the future of crypto and moving TradFi stuff to crypto. 

  1. Dr. Xiao-guang (Ben) Zhang, Founder and COO, NodeReal 

Very high-performance decentralized storage will also play a crucial role in supporting the Web3 data economy. There are more businesses that explore high-performance cloud-based decentralized storage. Finally, they are also the ones that are seeing great strides in development that are being made in RegTech with more compliance-related products.

Also, for one-stop infrastructure providers such as ourselves, this is considered very exciting when it brings the next 1 billion users onto the blockchain and it will also require purpose-built infrastructure that can scale and keep up the entire business demands. 

  1. Ben Schiller, Head of Consensus Magazine 

So, something that really struck me arose from what Kate Brady, head of communications for Web3 at PepsiCo said on the stage. As we all know PepsiCo is a very mainstream American brand. It is not a part of the entire crypto industry by any means but at the same time, it is looking to get into Web3. 

Also, there are guidelines from Washington DC, given by different lawmakers and policymakers about how we all think that conversation or the particular issue only affects people in the relatively small world of crypto. Additionally, the evidence is that the lack of policymaking and predictable enforcement in DC is a wider threat to the entire US. 

  1. Calanthia Mei, Co-Founder of Masa Finance 

According to her, Consensus 2023 is the one that was incredibly productive by meeting so many projects, developers, along investors. Also, talking about the one big takeaway from all these conversations is that it’s clear projects are eagerly looking for user activity in a meaningful way. 

Just because of the bear market, musical chairs of user activity across the ecosystem have been created. And, yes, this is the main reason why all the team members of Masa were so excited for developers and projects to be able to utilize the soulbound. 

  1. Amitoj Singh, CoinDesk Regulatory Reporter 

He is the one who used to talk about how non-US regulators think of crypto while at the same time, the US remains in a deadlock both in Congress and among regulators. Also, there are other major economies that won’t frame it in a way in which it sounds like they just want an advantage and nothing else. 

But, on the other side, when the likes of Coinbase threaten to go off-shore, that is the time when exactly what these non-US jurisdictions are ready for. 


Last but not least, everyone agreed that the regulation would always continue to be done via enforcement. But, let me tell you that it was a bleak discussion along with evidence that crypto regulations will probably continue to be a hot mess for a long while yet.

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