Top 2 Investment Trusts for Beginners in Stocks and Shares ISA

Investment Trusts
  • Investment trusts are a great way for beginners to get exposure to a diversified portfolio of stocks.
  • The two top investment trusts for beginners are Alliance Trust (ATST) and Temple Bar Investment Trust (TMPL).

Investment trusts are great for beginners. They offer unique advantages for those starting to invest in stocks and shares. 

These trusts have diverse strategies and good performance, making them perfect for beginners. 

Let’s see why.

Why Invest in Investment Trusts?

Investment trusts offer several advantages that make them attractive for those looking to start their investment journey. Here are some key reasons why beginners should consider investing in investment trusts:

  • Diversification

Investment trusts spread your money across various assets, reducing the risk if one performs poorly.

  • Expert Management

Trusts have experienced professionals making investment decisions, which is a big help for beginners.

  • Easy to Understand

Trusts provide clear information about what they own and how they operate, making it easier for beginners to track them.

  • Tax Perks

When held in accounts like Stocks and shares ISAs, investment trust gains are often tax-free, boosting your returns.

  • Steady Income

Some trusts focus on generating regular income, which is ideal for beginners seeking stable earnings.

  • Hands-Free Management

Trusts are professionally managed, sparing beginners the need for constant monitoring.

Alliance Trust (ATST)

This trust has a long history and a diversified portfolio of global equities. It’s known for its consistent performance and dividend payments. Alliance Trust exposes beginners to a wide range of assets, reducing risk through diversification. The trust’s professional management team makes it a reliable option for those new to investing.

Alliance Trust (ATST) as a Suitable Investment for Beginners

  • Diversification

Alliance Trust offers beginners access to a diversified portfolio of global equities. Diversification helps spread risk, reducing the impact of poor performance from any single asset. For beginners, this diversification can provide a more stable investment experience.

  • Longevity

With a long history dating back to 1888, Alliance Trust has a track record of consistent performance and dividend payments. This history can instill confidence in novice investors, who may need to be more open to newer investment options.

  • Professional Management

Alliance Trust is managed by experienced professionals who make shareholder investment decisions. For beginners, this means that experts are handling the complexities of portfolio management.

  • Dividend Income

The trust focuses on income generation and has a history of paying dividends. Beginners often appreciate receiving regular income from their investments, which can be reinvested or used for additional financial goals.

Temple Bar Investment Trust (TMPL)

Temple Bar is a value-focused trust that invests primarily in UK equities. It focuses on companies with strong fundamentals and reasonable valuations. 

For beginners interested in the UK stock market, Temple Bar offers a well-rounded portfolio. Its value-oriented approach can appeal to those looking for stability and potential income through dividends.

Temple Bar Investment Trust (TMPL) as a Suitable Investment for Beginners:

  • UK Market Exposure

Temple Bar primarily invests in UK equities. This focus on the UK can provide comfort and understanding for beginners who want to start with a more familiar market.

  • Value-Oriented

Temple Bar follows a value-oriented investment approach. This means it looks for companies with strong fundamentals and reasonable valuations. Beginners often find this strategy less speculative and more focused on stability.

  • Dividend Income

Like Alliance Trust, Temple Bar aims to provide a source of income to investors through dividends. This can be particularly attractive to beginners seeking regular investment returns.

  • Strong Track Record

Temple Bar has a history of delivering strong returns. This consistent performance can be reassuring for beginners who value stability and steady growth.

  • Active Management

The trust is actively managed, meaning professional fund managers select and manage the portfolio. This can provide peace of mind for beginners, knowing that experts are making investment decisions.


Alliance Trust (ATST) and Temple Bar Investment Trust (TMPL) are top picks for beginners in stocks and shares. 

They offer diversification, expert management, clear information, and tax advantages that can aid new investors.

As you start your investment journey, these trusts are great for building long-term wealth. 

With the right knowledge and guidance, investment trusts can play a pivotal role in your financial success. So, start your investment journey with confidence!

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