ETH Community Conference and Builder State: Introducing Aspecta ID

ETH Community Conference and Builder State
  • The Eth CC is an Ethereum Community Conference held annually for ETH folks and organized for the development of the ecosystem by Ethereum France.
  • Aspecta ID is an identity generated by AI for pioneering builders and users can connect and customise their accounts across web2 and web3.

The Ethereum Community Conference (ECC) is an annual conference held for the Ethereum-based community. It is the largest European conference with the motive of bringing together all top Eth-minds for the development and discussion about the post-merge future of the ecosystem. This conference encourages collaboration between Layer-1 and Layer-2 blockchains.

ETH CC Builder State

The EthCC builder state is a digital directory that encourages collaboration and connectivity between builders attending EthCC, empowered by an AI-generated digital identity known as Aspecta ID. This helps enhance the full potential that could be reached across and beyond the Ethereum blockchain network.

The Builder State aims towards the acceleration of the developers’ community growth and propelling the Eth ecosystem forward. It works as a nerve center for developers and participating builders by providing them a platform to showcase their skills, interests, and experiences based on Web2 and Web3 networks using Aspecta ID.

Irrespective of the economy, this community aims towards the survival of this ecosystem. EthCC is a perfect place for community benefits and a strengthened collaborative environment to focus on the innovative ideas of Ethereum folks. Builders strive their best to work beyond decentralization into new governance, gaming, privacy, and scalability.

Aspecta ID: Transforming Web2 & Web3

Aspecta provides builders with the functionality to transform their web2 and web3 footprints into an AI-generated identity. It gives the user access to link their scattered data on platforms like Twitter, Github, Metamask, etc., with a single link to get a unique ID. It provides a wider space with functionalities like a doorway to web2 & web3, a personal webpage, soulbound token, and a metaverse twin.

With badges and Aspecta’s NFTs, a user can also document their experience of a hackathon. It provides user access even without generating an Aspecta ID, just by logging into the browser and getting connected with the builders globally. Also, I learned about different global developer events.

Aspecta extensively works over the protocol of the Large Language Model (LLM) and community promotion to define the functionality of each user by using massive data. This technology analyzes the user’s written texts and codes along with continuous reflection of community consent from the connection and interaction between the user and the endorsing entity.

Perks of Joining Builder State

Users will receive an invitation to access Aspecta ID and EthCC builder state after generating Aspecta ID. It encourages users to add contact information without being concerned about privacy. To access a tight-knit community, only the builders who are selected for the EthCC builder state can access contact information.

Invites are sent to both beginners and experienced builders to become a part of the builder state and attend Aspecta’s transformative event. It helps flourish a vibrant and innovative community and continuously expands the possibilities.


It’s a crucial point of growth, legality, mainstream audience, and financial organizations for Web3. The base of these technologies inherits Ethereum at the forefront. Applications are going beyond crypto-based audiences to different aspects of decentralized networks, including areas like legality, web3, social media, and blockchain’s sustainability. After the merge, energy will be reduced by 99% due to the transformation in the Proof-of-stake (PoS) from the Proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism.

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