Top 10 Non-Tech Web3 Jobs 

Top 10 Non-Tech Web3 Jobs
  • Web3 is being coined as a futuristic technology. 
  • However, it’s estimated that it’s going to take an ample amount of time for this technological revolution to happen. 

Web 2.0 is going to exist very shortly and Web 3 will have to run in parallel with Web 2.0 in its initial stages. It still surely creates many opportunities and jobs in the market, as there is going to be a significant requirement for working professionals who can help create and develop Web3 and bring it to a full-fledged form in the coming decade. Here, the article enlists and elaborates on the current Web3 jobs that the market is offering.

Executive Assistant

As of now, one of the formidable job profiles is executive assistant. To maintain and bring about an efficient environment within a company’s ecosystem, EA plays a necessary and significant role. From Handling the administrative duties of the CEO to managing and looking after all the operations, There is a need for an exuberance towards cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 itself in an individual desiring to be an EA.

Community Manager

It is one of the most crucial positions because a community manager acts as an essential promoter and marketer of the company and technology itself. There is not a necessary need for in-depth knowledge of technical aspects but an individual should be well aware of the ins and outs of the Web3 and crypto worlds. Building a community requires the necessary communication skills and zeal to build a company from scratch.

Event Manager

If somebody is good at prioritizing, planning, and executing goals, this can be the job profile that is most worthy of their skillset. Whether it’s Web3 or Web 2.0, one of the common things with both of them is that meet-and-greets and user interaction within the community are going to play a crucial role and therefore, to build a direct connection with the consumers, companies are more than happy to find ways or organize an event outside the virtual world for the tangible, real-life human connection.


Web3 space gives room for a variety of Analysts. Be it a financial analyst, data analyst, or risk analyst. Even though Web3 will eventually be associated with decentralized blockchain technology, other technical risks can become roadblocks in a company’s upward journey. A risk analyst collects information and suggests the risks and repercussions of certain decisions or activities.

Beta Tester

Whether it’s monetized games on Metaverse or Defi services, Web3 businesses will certainly require testers from around the world to gauge every application for quality, bugs, and other technical malice.

Technical Writers

To create content that can eventually explain and assist the market’s nature and its regular updates to the public, technical writers will be the necessary entity within a company


A Designer is prone to helping the design team brainstorm the project idea and develop strategies. Even with limited experience in technology, one can become a designer by having a creative instinct and a sheer passion for technology.

Influencer Manager

Companies often use social media influencers in the modern-day era to promote and project their products to a younger audience. An influencer manager’s task is to align the influencer’s mindset with the company’s vision and goals to correctly promote the product.

Chief of Staff

As Chief of Staff, a person has to coordinate, look after the working and functioning of all the other departments, and make sure that work is happening efficiently with a proper flow.

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