Dogecoin vs. Bitcoin: Which is the Superior Investment Option?

Dogecoin vs Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin and Bitcoin stand out as prominent cryptocurrencies in the crypto sector.
  • Almost every website keeps an eye on the success of these two cryptocurrencies. 

Dogecoin enjoys a dedicated fan base, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who frequently promotes it. In contrast, Bitcoin is the pioneering cryptocurrency, marking the start of the crypto revolution and maintaining its top position.

However, aside from their popularity, what sets Dogecoin and Bitcoin apart? In this Dogecoin vs Bitcoin comparison, we will explore the distinct aspects and characteristics that differentiate these two cryptocurrencies.

Dogecoin vs Bitcoin: Key Differences

  • Programming Language


Dogecoin’s code is derived from Litecoin and primarily uses the Scrypt algorithm. This shared codebase with Litecoin simplifies development and maintenance.


Bitcoin is coded in C++ and employs the SHA-256 algorithm, featuring a unique and widely adopted codebase as the original cryptocurrency.

  • Transactions


It typically offers lower transaction fees than Bitcoin, making it cost-effective for smaller and daily transactions.


Bitcoin often involves higher transaction fees, especially during network congestion. Hence, it is better suited for larger-value transactions and as a store of value.

  • Mining Process


Initially utilizing a proof-of-work (PoW) mechanism like Bitcoin, Dogecoin later adopted an auxiliary proof-of-work (AuxPoW) model. This shares mining with Litecoin, enhancing security and reducing the risk of 51% attacks.


Bitcoin relies solely on PoW mining, where miners compete to solve complex puzzles, validate transactions, and secure the network.

  • Supply capitalization


While Dogecoin was originally designed with no supply cap, it currently has a soft cap of 130 Billion DOGE coins in circulation.


Bitcoin has a capped supply of 21 Million coins, establishing it as a deflationary asset often likened to gold for its scarcity.

  • Market Capitalisation


Due to its lower individual coin value and higher supply, Dogecoin’s market capitalization is smaller than Bitcoin’s. It is often valued for its community and meme-inspired charm.


Bitcoin boasts the largest market capitalization among cryptocurrencies, primarily due to its extensive adoption, store of value characteristics, and pioneering status in the crypto space.

  • Monetary Policy


Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 Million coins, making it deflationary and often compared to gold as a store of value.


Dogecoin has a more relaxed supply policy with a soft cap of 130 billion coins, designed for easier microtransactions and tipping.

Dogecoin vs Bitcoin: Which one to choose? 

While Bitcoin and Dogecoin have their proponents, Bitcoin stands out as a more dependable investment. One critical factor is the significant institutional interest in Bitcoin, which has led to a more stable and liquid market. Institutional traders rely on the ability to enter and exit positions at desired prices, making Bitcoin’s mature market infrastructure a significant advantage.

Another key consideration is adoption, often called the “network effect.” Bitcoin has attracted substantial investments and a broad user base, making it more widely accepted and integrated into various platforms and services. This network effect enhances its legitimacy and practicality as a digital asset.

In contrast, Dogecoin, originally conceived as a humorous project, relies heavily on memes and social media hype. While it has gained popularity and a dedicated community, it must gain the same institutional support and widespread adoption as Bitcoin.

In summary, Bitcoin is a trusted and established digital asset with institutional backing, making it a more robust choice for allocating a significant portion of your trading capital.


The difference between Bitcoin and Dogecoin is clear. The other is an internet joke made as a spoof of Bitcoin. In contrast, the first is a popular crypto token offering users extremely secure and decentralized transactions worldwide. However, since its launch, Dogecoin has expanded substantially due to its committed community. Unfortunately, these do not mitigate Dogecoin’s drawbacks. In the long run, Bitcoin is unquestionably the better investment.

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