Top 6 Companies Pioneering Blockchain-Based Data Storage in 2023

Blockchain-Based Data Storage
  • Blockchain-based data storage is an exciting new technology with various advantages over traditional ways of storing data.
  • Several companies are pioneering blockchain-based data storage and making substantial advancements in this technology’s development.
  • By 2027, the global market for blockchain-based data storage is estimated to reach $23.3 Billion.

Blockchain technology has expanded its role from cryptocurrency to a transformative force in multiple industries. One remarkable application is blockchain-based data storage, known for its exceptional security and transparency. 

Leading companies in this sector prioritize innovation, advancing a more secure and transparent data storage system.

The List Of Top 6 Companies Leading Blockchain-Based Data Storage In 2023

These organizations are reshaping how one perceives data storage, emphasizing security and transparency. Here are the top six companies at the forefront of this transformative technology:

  1. Tongadive

Led by tech entrepreneur Anubha Dixit, Tongadive, a UK-based digital products firm, specializes in streamlining supply chains using blockchain technology. 

Their flagship product, Evidnt, combines GS1 Serialization with Blockchain and AI technologies, offering organizations an easy-to-implement solution for managing supply chains. 

This technology enhances security and transparency in supply chain management.

  1. Accubits Technologies, Inc.

Accubits is hailed as a market leader in blockchain development by prominent international reviewers. The Economic Times, Entrepreneur Media, and Red Herring are among the foremost blockchain development service providers.

Their expertise is trusted by over 200 tech startups, governmental entities, and Fortune 500 companies to realize blockchain projects. Accubits leverages blockchain technology to establish an immutable data record, encompassing details regarding products, customers, and finances. 

This proactive approach is vital for preventing fraud, guaranteeing data authenticity, and safeguarding data integrity, all of which hold immense importance in today’s digital landscape.

  1. Dotsquares

Dotsquares, operating across various countries such as the UK, UAE, US, Australia, India, and France, provides diverse services. Including IT consulting and support, web and app development, game development, and e-commerce solutions. 

As an experienced blockchain development company, they leverage blockchain to automate data management tasks like backup and recovery, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

  1. Accenture

Accenture is a Fortune Global 500 company. It offers comprehensive services encompassing app development, Oracle, Blockchain, Cloud, Salesforce, SAP, Software Engineering, Supply Chain, and Operations. 

With a vast workforce exceeding 492,000 employees, Accenture serves a diverse clientele spanning 200 locations in over 120 countries. 

This extensive global presence underscores its prominence as a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions and services across numerous industries.

  1. Hyperlink InfoSystem

Throughout the blockchain era, Hyperlink InfoSystem has emerged as a prominent player in blockchain development, consistently serving clients worldwide. 

Their commitment revolves around tailoring services to meet diverse business needs comprehensively. 

Since 2011, clients have consistently chosen Hyperlink InfoSystem for crafting unique applications, bridging skills, creativity, and cutting-edge technology with client concepts. Hyperlink InfoSystem’s workforce places paramount importance on client satisfaction. 

Their comprehensive offerings span mobile app development to blockchain development, providing end-to-end design and development services aligned with clients’ visions and requirements.

  1. SoluLab

SoluLab is a renowned Blockchain development company celebrated for its proficiency in blockchain, AI, and IoT. 

With a track record of delivering robust solutions across diverse sectors like healthcare, finance, and supply chain management, SoluLab stands out as a pioneer in blockchain development. 

Its unwavering commitment to innovation and ongoing blockchain research make it a premier choice for blockchain-driven projects.


The advent of blockchain-based data storage marks an important change in how businesses handle and safeguard their data in the digital age when data is a priceless asset and security is crucial. 

These businesses are pushing boundaries as they work to change industries and redefine the fundamental nature of data management.

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