Arbitrum’s Top 5 NFT Tools Are Transforming Experience

Top 5 NFT Tools
  • Arbitrum is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that offers faster and cheaper transactions, making it an ideal platform for NFT enthusiasts.
  • Several innovative NFT tools are being built on Arbitrum to help users mint, buy, sell, and manage their NFTs more efficiently and effectively.
  • The total value locked (TVL) on Arbitrum has grown from $100 Million in January 2023 to over $10 Billion in September 2023.

The following is a guide to the top five NFT tools in the Arbitrum network. These tools were chosen for their ease of use, originality, and ability to improve NFT experiences. 

HeyMint Launchpad, NiftyKit, Brand Connector, AutoMinter, and NFT Garden will be investigated. Understanding how these tools function allows us to see how they can assist Arbitrum with NFT creation, brand engagement, multi-chain support, and other tasks.

These tools are available to help in the NFT adventure on Arbitrum, whether one is an artist, developer or entrepreneur. 

Let’s look at how these tools can help with the NFT projects in Arbitrum.

1. HeyMint Launchpad

HeyMint Launchpad simplifies NFT creation with user-friendly tools, including an NFT Art Generator and customizable smart contracts. 

Creators can embed mint buttons on websites, retain ownership rights, and engage with their audience through various features. The platform supports L2 integration, credit card payments (beta), open editions, and token airdrops. 

It also provides exposure to HeyMint’s collector community of over 300,000 members. 

HeyMint empowers creators to navigate the NFT landscape effortlessly, from artwork transformation to minting and beyond, eliminating technical barriers.

2. NiftyKit

NiftyKit simplifies NFT creation for creators and teams, regardless of their technical skills. It offers an accessible platform for launching NFT projects with security-audited contracts. 

Creators can easily embed mint buttons on their websites using the widget builder, ensuring a consistent brand appearance. NiftyKit streamlines revenue sharing among team members and facilitates collaborations. 

Its innovative ‘Apps’ feature enhances NFT collections with customizable applications. Creators can offer exclusive content to NFT holders and manage assets securely through IPFS. 

Waitlists help build engaged communities, and various apps like Soulbound Token and Generative Collection enhance NFT functionalities. NiftyKit provides a comprehensive toolkit for NFT success.

3. Brand Connector

Brand Connector bridges the gap between brands and NFT collections, offering a streamlined platform for brands to engage with NFT holders. 

It allows brands to customize content, offers, and rewards for specific NFTs, enhancing user engagement. Integration is simplified through an NPM package, requiring minimal technical expertise. 

By tailoring content and offers based on NFT ownership, Brand Connector elevates user involvement and loyalty. It fosters collaborations between high-profile NFT collections and brands, enhancing NFT value. 

Brand Connector operates within the TokenScript framework, promoting open-source collaboration and innovation in the NFT landscape.

4. AutoMinter

AutoMinter is a user-friendly platform for creating and launching NFT collections. Inspired by popular NFT projects like ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club’ and ‘CryptoPunks,’ AutoMinter empowers users to design NFT assortments for trading on platforms like OpenSea easily.

One of its key features is the ability to control the rarity of individual layer images, giving creators precise control over their NFT collection’s uniqueness. Users can choose from default rarity values or manually specify quantities for each layer, ensuring their collection aligns with their vision.

Creating an NFT collection with AutoMinter involves three main stages:

  • Collection Designer

This platform simplifies image uploads, rarity adjustments, and metadata customization, helping creators create unique artwork.

  • Blockchain Integration

Artwork is integrated into the blockchain to create authentic NFTs, with customization options to fit project needs.

  • Collection Management

Users can oversee collections, including distribution, minting control, and art presentation.

The minting phase is where users initiate NFT purchases. AutoMinter Lists allows creators to curate wallet access for early NFT drops, enhancing legitimacy and preventing bot interference. AutoMinter streamlines the NFT creation process, enriching the NFT world with unique collections.

5. NFT Garden

NFT Garden is a user-friendly platform and toolkit designed to simplify the creation of multi-chain NFTs for Web3 projects. 

Supporting 33 blockchains, including Ethereum and Polygon, it offers clear documentation and resources for both developers and businesses. Users can register, connect their wallets, create contracts, mint NFTs, and review them in the marketplace. 

The dashboard provides insights into daily requests, generated NFTs, and energy units. NFT Garden is the gateway to exploring NFT creation and web3 integration, making it easy for anyone to embark on a journey filled with endless possibilities.


Arbitrum’s NFT tools, like HeyMint Launchpad, NiftyKit, Brand Connector, AutoMinter, and NFT Garden, simplify NFT creation and engagement for creators and brands. 

They connect traditional industries with blockchain, offering collaboration opportunities. Using these tools means joining a transformative movement in digital assets within Arbitrum. 

Whether experienced or new to NFTs, these tools open doors to endless possibilities.

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