Top 10 NFT DApps On Optimism: Pushing The Boundaries Of NFTs

Top 10 NFT DApps On Optimism
  • Optimism is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that offers faster and cheaper transactions, making it an ideal platform for NFT dApps.
  • The top 10 NFT dApps on Optimism offer a wide range of innovative features and functionalities, showcasing the potential of NFTs to go beyond digital collectibles and transform various industries.
  • The total value locked (TVL) on optimism has grown from $100 Million in January 2023 to over $10 Billion in September 2023.

Visit the fantastic arena of the top ten NFT dApps on the Optimism network, where innovation and creativity flourish, transforming the NFT scene. 

These decentralized apps provide a range of experiences, including art and narrative, community governance, and cooperation. They use Optimism’s layer 2 scaling to increase transaction speed and reduce petrol fees, broadening the scope of NFT possibilities.

These NFT dApps show innovation, community, and creativity, demonstrating how Optimism’s Layer 2 technology transforms the NFT system.

1. Quix

Quix is a top Optimism NFT marketplace noted for its speed and cost savings. It allows users to research, buy, and sell Mirror Writing NFTs. Transactions are quick due to its Optimism integration, and petrol fees are incredibly cheap, saving consumers over $500,000. Quix shows the ability of layer 2 solutions to modify NFTs and increase Ethereum’s capabilities.

2. Backed

Backed Protocol brings innovation to peer-to-peer lending with NFT collateral. Borrowers set loan terms, and loans happen when lenders agree. The absence of oracles simplifies the process. Borrow and lend tickets handle ownership, and lenders can buy out loans. The protocol ensures NFT safety during loans, streamlining NFT-backed lending in decentralized finance.

3. NiftyKit

NiftyKit is a leading NFT platform for creators and teams. It supports blockchains, prioritizes security with ChainSafe audits and Chainalysis fraud detection, promotes true ownership, and enables revenue sharing. With low fees, it fosters collaboration, offers token access, and provides features like waitlisting and an embeddable mint button, making it a comprehensive solution for NFT creators and brands.

4. OptiPunks

OptiPunks on Optimism mints NFTs, ‘OptiPunks,’ to fund public goods like libraries and open-source software. These NFTs allocate 50% of secondary sales to support these projects, linking NFT ownership with community betterment. It addresses market inequality by collectively rewarding positive contributions. It’s a creative approach to supporting public welfare with blockchain technology.

5. Aethernity

Aethernity, thriving on Optimism’s layer 2, combines Ethereum’s security with lower costs. Half of Aethernity’s initial NFT sales support public goods via Gitcoin Grants. Early supporters, called Minters, get exclusive perks like unique artwork and private Discord access. Aethernity operates openly, reinvesting revenue in the Ethereum and Optimism ecosystems for special benefits and early access to supporters. It showcases how NFTs can aid broader initiatives while rewarding early backers.

6. BlueSweep

BlueSweep streamlines NFT management on Optimism, focusing on efficiency and cost savings. It’s a top NFT marketplace aggregator, offering quick interactions and significant gas fee reductions. Users can easily collect up to 30 NFTs at once thanks to innovative data compression techniques that save up to 76% on gas fees. This approach makes NFT transactions on Optimism more accessible and appealing.

7. Circular Art

Circular art is a generative art platform that funds public goods. Users can mint new artworks from curated collections, with 50% of proceeds supporting public goods and 50% going to artists. It also features a 3% resale royalty, benefiting artists and the platform equally. Circular art encourages artists of all levels, fostering a diverse and collaborative community.

8. Cryptovania

Cryptovania is an experiment in decentralized storytelling based on optimism. It allows participants to craft an evolving story collectively within a dynamic ‘storyverse.’ Set in Bran, it involves 10,000 unique Cryptovania NFT collectors shaping the narrative. This decentralized storytelling approach offers a rich and accessible space for collaboration and creativity.

9. CyberNerds

CyberNerd is an experimental CC0 NFT project on optimism, focusing on community collaboration and public goods support. It offers NFTs for 0.0088 ETH, with 51% of revenue supporting Optimism’s public goods. An additional 5% goes to the American Red Cross, and artists receive royalties. CyberNerd aims to establish the CyberNerds DAO community, allowing NFT holders to influence Treasury decisions.

10. Mojos

Mojos aims to create on-chain avatar communities based on optimism. Daily auctions of two Mojos contribute to the project’s treasury. The generative artwork is in the public domain, ensuring ownership rights. Each Mojo corresponds to a vote in the treasury, fostering community engagement. Mojos operates as an autonomous mechanism, continuously cycling auctions and focusing on community protection and equitable trait distribution.


The top 10 NFT dApps on Optimism show how NFTs change the digital world. They do art, stories, lending, and governance. Optimism makes them faster and cheaper. These dApps are creative and help communities. They’re part of a move to decentralize and include more people. They make NFTs for everyone.

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