3 Easy Ways to Purchase Ethereum in 2022

    3 Easy Ways to Purchase Ethereum in 2022
    3 Easy Ways to Purchase Ethereum in 2022

    Crypto investors are looking to buy Ethereum 

    Ether (ETH), a token on the Ethereum network, is a top three contender in the cryptocurrency market. As of Can 2022, its market size is over $246 billion, second only to Bitcoin’s nearly $571 billion and far ahead of Tether’s third-place market cap of approximately $75 billion.

    However, how can you tell whether Ethereum is worth buying? Where, how, or on what platform would you recommend purchasing Ethereum? It would help if you weighed the benefits and risks of purchasing ETH before investing.

    This comprehensive guide will teach you all you need to know about Ethereum investing in 2022. If you read this essay from beginning to end, you will have a thorough understanding of the currency backed by payment systems and its promise in the current digital stock market.

    3 Easy Ways to Purchase Ethereum in 2022

    Ethereum: what exactly is this crypto platform 

    To run smart contracts, Ethereum provides a decentralized, independent blockchain network. A set of predetermined criteria can trigger the execution of a smart contract. 

    The Ethereum network hosts not just smart contracts but also its currencies. Ether, or ETH as its abbreviation, is the name for this digital currency.

    Researchers, miners (or “stakers”), and consumers control and regulate the Ethereum network. For the connection to operate, all three parties must be present. 

    Ever since the debut of the Ethereum network, its main programmers have been hard at work on a major upgrade, Ethereum 2.0. This update aims to improve the network’s safety and performance so that more transactions can be processed in less time.

    Potential reasons to buy Ethereum in 2022

    Most individuals and organizations have made investments in Ethereum because of the spectacular value increases it has seen since its introduction. 

    Despite this, there are a great many people who are still considering making an investment in it for a variety of reasons. Many of them are as follows:

    • Increased blockchain adoption

    Despite having existed for a decade, blockchain technology remains in its development. More and more organizations and people are learning about blockchain and its potential to decentralize the web and deliver monetary independence. 

    Ethereum is gradually has become the backbone of the emerging monetary order. This bodes well for the future of Ethereum and its ecosystem.

    • DeFi boom 

    The word “DeFi” refers to the growing trend of using distributed ledger technology (DLT) to replace traditional financial middlemen with trustworthy, transparent standards. 

    Permissionless Financial Engineering relies heavily on the Ethereum system. By investing in DeFi, one can get passive income. And since we’re on the DeFi topic, here are 5 DeFi Protocols Noting Growth Despite The Bear Market

    • Network upgrade

    The core developers of Ethereum are now working on the network upgrade to Ethereum 2.0, which will improve both the speed and safety of transactions. 

    If this is accomplished, Ethereum could become much quicker and more secure, enticing more users and investors.

    Crypto investors are looking to buy Ethereum

    Ways through which you can buy Ethereum

    Let’s take a look at some of the common ways you can buy Ethereum with ease:

    • Way 1: Buying via credit/debit card

    Credit and debit cards are often accepted on Ethereum trading systems since they are among the most convenient payment methods. Thus, we suggest one of the most effective ways is to buy Ethereum with a credit card

    The benefit of purchasing Ether using a credit or debit card is that most cryptocurrency exchanges provide free deposit handling. Trader accounts are updated within minutes of the deposits being made.

    • Way 2: Cryptocurrency apps

    Smartphone applications are available for most cryptocurrency brokers and platforms, making trading convenient even while you’re on the road. 

    Ethereum can be purchased using a credit card, bank transfer, or electronic wallet service.

    • Way 3: Cryptocurrency brokers

    Some more conventional stock brokers now provide access to a limited number of cryptocurrencies. 

    This is a wonderful alternative if you want to diversify your business with Ethereum but don’t want to register a new cryptocurrency exchange account. 

    You should know that most cryptocurrency exchanges don’t provide access to third-party wallets for storing and withdrawing cryptocurrency. Also, don’t miss this big eyes presale amidst Ethereum merge.

    3 best places to buy Ethereum in 2022

    To assist you in seeing clearly, we’ll go through some of the top Ethereum exchanges and explain how you can purchase Ethereum from them now.

    1. Binance 

    If you’re familiar with cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance is likely the best place to purchase Ethereum. If you’re an experienced trader, you’ll love the complex platform Binance offers. 

    Anything from technical analysis and graphics to sophisticated instructions and personalized charts falls under this category. If you’re wondering how to purchase Ethereum on Binance, one option is to use a debit or credit card to make a quick, one-time purchase. 

    To make a USD deposit, you must complete a brief Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. Utilizing a debit or credit card on this site will also cost you an additional 4.5% on top of the regular purchase fee of 0.5%. 

    On the other hand, Binance accepts ACH and wire transfer contributions free of charge; however, you must wait for the money to settle before you can purchase ETH.

    2. eToro

    Due to its straightforward interface, minimal trading fees, and dedication to the security of its customers’ money, eToro is one of the best exchanges to purchase Ethereum. 

    Originally a platform for trading forex and stock CFDs online, it has now evolved into a major cryptocurrency trading platform. To facilitate trading in several assets, eToro was introduced in 2007. 

    In 2014, eToro went out to allow cryptocurrency trading after receiving requests from millions of consumers. eToro is a highly regulated exchange that has obtained the appropriate licenses and certifications of operations from key financial agencies in the United States, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Israel, and Australia.

    If you own an iOS-powered smartphone, you can download the eToro app from the App Store for instant access. Other than that, eToro is available for download through the Google Play Store for Android-powered smart devices.

    Additionally, eToro can be viewed using the standard internet (WWW) browser. Various opportunities for purchasing Ethereum (ETH) are available via eToro.

    Credit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro are accepted at eToro. E-wallets from online payment systems, including PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Rapid Transfer, and iDEAL, are also supported by eToro.

    3. Crypto.com

    After Coinbase, Crypto.com is another market to look at if you want to purchase Ethereum. In addition to exchanging cryptocurrencies, this site also provides a broad variety of other crypto-related goods and services. 

    For illustration, Crypto.com provides access to an NFT platform wherein Ethereum can be used to purchase NFTs, as well as the opportunity to earn income on cryptocurrencies holdings and a Visa debit card.

    Using a credit card to purchase Ethereum on Crypto.com is the quickest method. In this way, your purchase will be completed immediately. However, you should know that Crypto.com adds a fixed 2.99% fee to all purchases made using this payment method.

    Should you invest in Ethereum?

    More than 116 billion Ethers are held by investors at present, demonstrating Ethereum’s widespread appeal. But don’t assume that you should invest in it since it’s popular.

    It would help if you were well informed and financially stable before committing to a risky investment like Ether. You must have a sizable emergency fund, contribute as much as possible to retirement funds, and carry as little debt as possible. 

    Even if you meet all of the criteria, you should only allocate a small amount of your investment to Ether and other currencies.

    Confused between Ethereum vs. Ethereum Classic

    It’s important to remember that Ethereum Classic, another cryptocurrency commodity, functions differently from Ethereum itself. Nonetheless, they have a common past.

    In June and July of 2016, Ethereum went through a divisive and defining period due to a disagreement among the community. 

    The hacker who stole 150 million dollars worth of ETH was at the center of the discussion. Many thought the theft should be nullified by rolling back the Ethereum blockchain; others thought it should stand.

    Thus, the network experienced a controversial hard fork, an irreversible split that cannot be undone. It’s not uncommon for software projects, particularly the blockchain sector, to undergo a hard split. Any time major changes are made to a software program in a new release, they occur.

    A network split occurs when certain members of a blockchain community are in favor of an update while others are opposed to it. The fate of Ethereum was thus determined. 

    The Ethereum (ETH) party consisted of most of the group that favored the modifications. The remaining vocal opposition rebranded their cryptocurrency network as Ethereum Classic (ETC).

    The bottom line: invest in the world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency!

    Ethereum, the second-most valued cryptocurrency, is not difficult to acquire. Purchasing Ether (ETH) requires nothing more than opening a trader account with a reliable cryptocurrency exchange and depositing cash therein.

    This article has provided you with all the information necessary to get started with Ethereum. We covered all you need to learn to make an informed decision about purchasing Ethereum.

    We also covered how to purchase Ethereum and discussed the three best places to acquire the Ethereum alternative currency in 2022. These are one of the best platforms to help you with your quest. 


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