4 Benefits of Using Software to Automate Manual Business Processes

    4 Benefits of Using Software to Automate Manual Business Processes
    4 Benefits of Using Software to Automate Manual Business Processes

    Automation is the process of allowing machines to perform simple, repetitive tasks so that humans don’t have to, and this is the basis of business software. Using business software allows you to accomplish more, and it can also be accessed on both computers (laptops and desktops) and mobile devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets. Here are the four main benefits of using software to automate your manual business processes.

    #1: Automate Various Processes

    One of the greatest benefits of automation in business is that you’re able to automate a variety of business processes. 


    Accounting and other financial processes are some of the most often automated business processes. Automate your tax, planning and budgeting, payroll, bookkeeping, and billing functions with accounting software.

    Basic Business Operations

    Your basic business operations are those daily business tasks and processes. This includes inventory and order management, as well as the behind the scene processes, such as manufacturing, procurement, and warehouse management. Based on your specific needs as a business, you can automate all of these processes.

    Customer and Employee Functions

    Custom relationship management (CRM) is a popular type of business software, as it gives you insight into your relationships with both your current and potential customers. This helps you provide a better customer experience, and it allows you to get a better understanding of how to turn potential customers into recurrent customers.

    You’ll also be able to automate certain HR (human resources) functions and allow your employees to complete simple HR tasks, such as updating personal information and initiating promotions.

    #2: Greater Productivity and Efficiency

    If you continue to manually perform some of these common business processes, you (and your employees if you have them assigned to certain business functions) are more likely to experience burnout. Not only are you manually performing these tasks, but you (and your employees) still have to tend to your everyday business tasks. This means that you may not be as productive and efficient in your everyday work— and the same goes for manual business processes.

    On the other hand, when you have software to perform these tasks for you, more of your attention will be focused on your main business tasks. The same goes for your employees— they’ll be able to focus their full attention on their daily tasks and will be more productive in the process.  This will contribute to the overall success of your business.

    #3: Reduce Errors

    These days when it comes to human error versus computer error, human error is almost always more common. Automating your business processes means that there’s a decreased chance of mistakes being made. Even the most skilled humans are prone to making mistakes, especially if they’re multitasking or suffering from burnout. On the other hand, machines (thanks to advances in artificial intelligence) can multitask and they never get tired or suffer from burnout.

    Software services such as JD Edwards Orchestrator can easily automate your business processes, while also eliminating errors associated with manually completing these processes. Little to no mistakes lead to more success for your business.

    #4: Save Time and Money

    The most obvious benefit of automating your manual business processes is that you save more time than if you were to do it by hand. Whether it’s you or your employees manually performing these tasks, you’re not going to be quicker than a software system. Technological advances have allowed machines to automate a variety of business processes to get more done correctly in less time, giving you and your employees more time to focus on business tasks that can’t be automated by a machine.

    Investing in software to automate your business processes can also save you money. Instead of hiring extra people or paying your current employees more money to manually complete these tasks, you’ll save money by not having to add more people to your payroll or having to provide additional work benefits. Also, allowing machines to complete these mundane tasks means that you’ll be able to increase your business’s profits because you and your employees will be able to focus on tasks that add value to your customers.

    Many businesses choose to automate certain business processes, rather than outsource them to another company because it also allows them to keep the same level of control over these processes. With outsourcing, you lose some of that control, and some business owners may not be comfortable with that yet. Overall, investing in business software to automate your business processes is a smart way to run your business.


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