5 Comic Book Characters Who Could Not Get Into Casino


There are many articles that refer to the different powers and abilities of our favorite superheroes from comics. Thinking about this issue, we have come to consider how these characters would act on a day-to-day basis today, from interacting with others to performing daily tasks that we usually do such as cooking or cleaning the house, but we also wonder how they would act in other places like gyms, stadiums and why not, casinos. Would they have access to these places?

The truth is that we are not sure if they could access sports entertainment venues due to their skills, although we are clear that some of them would not have access to any casino.

What comic book characters would be banned from these establishments?


At number one on this list, we find one of the most popular characters from Marvel’s X-Men comics. And is that Magneto is one of the villains with the most charisma. As all comic book fans know the ability of Erik Lehnsherr, or as everyone knows him, Magneto, is to manipulate all the magnetic fields around him, making him quite a powerful character. With that power Magneto could manipulate the results of the roulette, even interacting in the new casino games that are offered virtually, from a device connected to the Internet.


Second, we have this female character from the Deadpool movie sequel, although we have also seen her in the X-Force comics as a cable partner. As we see in the movie, Domino has a power that makes him always have luck on his side. If this girl decided to invest her time in a casino (physical or online ), she could win the biggest prize in history, although at the moment this does not seem to interest her.

The Gambler or Gambler

The third candidate on this list is the character from DC Comics. For now, we have been able to enjoy his presence in one of the new superhero series that has seen the light of this 2020, Stargirl, which was presented on HBO in May. Among Gambler’s skills are controlling all the computers and data in the world thanks to his computer skills, hacking the most secure sites; as well as his gambling skills, which make him rich.

The Scarlett Witch

The fourth candidate could not be other than Wanda, one of the most powerful girls in the Marvel Universe. Although in the movies it is not shown what the real power of this character is, fans of adventure games know very well what he can do. Daughter of Magneto and sister of Mercury, her power allows her to alter the different possibilities at will. A power that could be very useful if we decide to try our luck in any game of chance.

Amos Fortune

The last protagonist on this list, although not least, is this character from the DC Universe comics. This character has a difficult childhood, being part of a youth band. During adulthood he lives obsessed with luck, both good and bad, managing to discover glands that could change the luck of any person. Furthermore, Amos uses this knowledge to apply it to his former gang. If Amos could access a casino, he could get hold of it in a matter of minutes.

As we can see, superpowers can be used in many ways. Considering that some of these characters are known for their role as villains, what would stop them from using their powers to win that game of poker?


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