5 Compelling Reasons Why Flyers Remain a Great Marketing Tool

Distributing flyers has been one of the oldest and most efficient marketing methods used by all industries.

Companies have been using this marketing tool for decades, but it intensified during the 1990s after the emergence of affordable desktop publishing systems. But even in today’s digital age, flyer distribution remains efficient in promoting a brand, product, or service.

Printing and distributing flyers continue to serve as an ideal opportunity to advertise, especially if your company needs to work on a restricted budget.

It will help you generate favourable results if you know the right strategies to make it work. If you are still unconvinced about its effectiveness, here are some undeniable benefits of this method of advertising to convince you.

Reason #1: Cost-Efficient Advertising Strategy

Choosing flyer distribution as part of your marketing strategy allows you to reach as many target customers as possible without using a huge chunk of your budget. You only need to design an ad, have it printed on your chosen paper stock, then distribute it through flyer distribution service providers to make it work.

Reason #2: Fast Lead Generation Results

Since you do not have to spend a long time designing, printing, and distributing flyers, you will get the fastest results. In addition, a reliable distribution service provider studies the best place and time to distribute your materials and makes use of this data to improve the effectiveness of your flyer distribution campaign.

Reason #3: Offers Instant Engagement With Your Target Audience 

By using flyer advertising methods, you no longer need to spend a lot of time waiting patiently to see the response of your target audience.

According to a recent study from the Data & Marketing Association, the response rate from a flyer or leaflet distribution campaign can reach up to 40 times ROI depending on your offer.

If your target audience becomes interested in your products or services based on the copy posted on your flyer, the reply will be almost immediate. You only need to find a good distribution area near your target market.

Reason #4: Creative and Informative Advertising Method 

Unlike other marketing tools like digital marketing, flyer advertising has fewer limitations. You will be allowed to design and create your flyers in any way you want.

You only need to ensure that your materials are printed in high-resolution copies so your audience will have an easier time reading them. Your flyer will also look extra attractive if you use bright and enticing colours for the design.

Reason #5: Nothing Beats Old School 

Perhaps one of the main reasons why flyer advertising remains appealing to customers is its traditional appeal. It reminds your target audience about the leaflets they use to get in the streets.

It makes them curious about what your brand offers, which is why they would look into it and eventually decide to take advantage of your new promos or services.

Using flyer distribution methods for your advertising strategy can definitely help your business achieve its sales goals. However, you may want to consider working with distribution service providers to ensure that all your flyers will reach the right people who will convert into customers.

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