5 Korean Dramas To Watch On Netflix


Korean dramas have become the ‘must’ for series fans that everyone is talking about on social media and, therefore, we have chosen the best k-dramas for beginners that will hook you from the first chapter.

South Korea is in fashion, we have no doubt. From the Asian country, we do not stop receiving all kinds of news that conquer the rest of planet Earth in an indisputable way. If the Korean aesthetic is in full ‘boom’ with the new ‘ aesthetic ‘ trend, we want our skin to be invaded by the incredible details of Korean tattoos and k-beauty has been a revolution, we also have to talk about how The music scene surrendered to the appearance of k-pop, putting names of bands like BTS on the international podium, which never stopped making us dance to songs like Dynamite orBlackPink, the ‘girl band’ of the moment that has released its own songs with Cardi BSelena Gomez and even Lady Gaga and has even its own documentary on Netflix.

And is that continuing with this platform of moviesseries and documentaries in streaming, we have to recommend that you go as soon as possible through the section of Korean dramasIf last year the Oscars surrendered to ‘Parásitos’ as the Best Picture 2020, we offer you to follow the advice of its director, Bong Joon-ho and hauls you are also known as the Korean play-doramas, because “once you When you cross the hurdle of height, you will be presented with “the best movies for you.

To do this, access your Netflix account and choose one of the best k-series that we have chosen for you and with those who will understand why other titles are not talked about on social networks

Get ready for seasons of 16 chapters – yes, they usually have many episodes – love stories that require a triangle of mystery and love and where, of course, a happy ending where they eat partridge (or maybe bibimbap or kimchi) more than certain Is.

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