I think many of my friends just like mee have a wish to visit Walt Disney World once to have a lifetime experience and of course why not? It gives its guests some of the best venturing experience.

Today, I have for you the eight most amazing thrilling Ventures that you will be able to see if you visit Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

The first one in the list is Extra TERRORestrial alien encounter, the scariest attraction for people putting guests into the role of observers of alien Technology they witness frightening and violent aliens. recently this attraction was closed down and replaced with Stitch’s Great escape, a more Disney friendly concept of the same ride.

Next up is The Twilight zone Tower of Terror- The Drop, scaring and attracting guests since 1994, a fairly spooky ride with a note-perfect Rod Seeking and a creepy theme song.

8 scariest moments at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
8 scariest moments at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

The next Alien thrill is the Great Movie Ride- Ripley and the Alien, Disney now own the rights to the Alien franchise.

People also needs some snowman attraction and thus Matterhorn and Expedition Everest- The Yeti is the next in the list. A great rollercoaster ride it will be for the visitors. After all, who does not want an Everest expedition?

And if you want to experience some dark ghostly affair, Space Mountain: Ghost galaxy wouldn’t be a bad choice, it would boost your Halloween hindsight as there are some spooky music and pretty disturbing images.

Remember Snow White and the seven Dwarfs? Similar to it has been constructed a spooky shot named Snow White’s Scary adventure- the wicked queen transformation. The sixth in the list of adventures.

And now there’s a jump in the past for you all, a time when dinosaurs existed. Just like Disney’s Dinosaur movies are blockbusters similar will be the newest thriller attraction, Dinosaur- Carnotaurus.

A massive Carnotaurus will not let you reach your goal to get a dinosaur specimen. And you will have a tough time fighting with the beast!

Already a lot of Scare shots, and here is the last one where once guests entered the stretch room seemingly there is no escape without travelling its path, guess it’s name? It’s the Haunted Mansion- The Way Out!

A lot of thrill and a lot of adventure I wish all of you could soon visit these.

Till then share with us the level of excitement you have for these!


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