A dose of Avengers with one spoon of Snyder’s Justice League – story of a fan edit.

A dose of Avengers with one spoon of Snyder's Justice League - story of a fan edit.
A dose of Avengers with one spoon of Snyder's Justice League - story of a fan edit.

Guys, have you all taken some time out of your busy schedules and caught the first glimpse of the Snyder’s Cut of the Justice League? And How many of us here have been great Avengers fans? And we often thought about how both of these movies could have a connection.

For all those of us who have taken out some time to find a connection between the two, here I have this update today for those of you.

A fan showed some dedication to both the films and have redone, the The Avengers’ trailer getting inspired by the newest Snyder’s Justice League’s promotional video. 

This Zack Snyder’s movie’s first official trailer has already received an overwhelming positive response from the fans and now it has served as an inspiration for Soft Cape Production’s creative team on YouTube.

Now, for those of us who have not got a chance to have a look at the clip, here is the link for it


They successfully created a clip for the Avengers promo that was based on the Justice League’s latest video and completed with Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. The end song was carefully picked up by the team as it was the depiction of the director’s journey to creating the project.

For long years now both the films have been compared many times and this absolutely makes sense since they have been the first culminating projects of their respective franchises.

There had been a lot of obstacles that the so-called Snyder-cut had to face before the film could see the face of the screens. And now finally it will be witnessing the light as a four-part HBO Max project and fans have already been gifted a dose of it, on August.

Check it out and do tell us how exciting was it!

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