A New Alien Movie With Young Ripley! Deets Inside


It seems that Disney will start to exploit the Alien franchise and they want the protagonist to be a young Ripley.

When Disney bought FOX it not only acquired the Marvel characters of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four but also franchises with a lot of potential such as Alien, Predator, and Avatar remained.

Since they opted for the Prometheus (2012) and Covenant (2017) films that had a good collection, but they did not quite please the fans of the saga. And that they explained the history of the Engineers, these enormous space beings that put life on Earth and created the Aliens.

Will Sigourney Weaver return to the saga?

The actress is currently 71 years old, but she never ruled out a possible return to the Alien saga. But it is clear that if Disney makes a movie about a young Ripley it will use a new actress to play the heroine. But they could always use Sigourney Weaver in some way so she could say goodbye and the action would be flashbacks to her past.

There is also speculation that instead of betting on a movie a television series will be made. Since streaming could be a suitable place for the Alien saga and would give new content to the Disney + platform, very different from the Marvel or Star Wars programs


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