A New Final Destination Movie Might Be Coming!


Final Destination creator confirms that they are still developing a sequel.

Jeffrey Reddick, the creator of the Final Destination saga, confirms that a sequel is in development and they will pick it up again when the situation improves.

Final Destination is one of the most popular horror sagas of the 2000s. The main premise of the movies is clear: you can’t cheat death. For 11 years there have been different groups of young people who manage to get rid of horrible accidents. But Death ends up doing his thing always. The last installment arrived in 2011 and for years not much more has been known about the saga.

But during 2020 details of a possible sequel have begun to be known. The creator of the saga Jeffery Reddick confirms on his Twitter account that a new installment is on the way. A follower asks him if the possibility of a Final Destination sequel had already been ruled out. Reddick assures that the end of the franchise has not yet arrived and that the studio was developing a sequel before the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Is not over. Another installment of Final Destination was in development before COVID. They will take it up again when the business gets back on its feet ”.

At the moment it is unknown what will be the plot of the sixth installment of Final Destination. But most likely it is far from what was presented in previous installments. Producer Craig Perry commented earlier in the year that they wanted to explore what other things Death could do. Instead of presenting characters who have to flee from death. It is planned to include characters who constantly face Death, whether police, firefighters or emergency teams.

It is not confirmed if Jeffrey Reddick will return for Final Destination 6. The scriptwriter developed the first installment but has not been so involved in the rest. It has credits for character design but this is it. Reddick wouldn’t mind going back. His idea for the future of Final Destination follows the line of the producers. In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, he said that things could be done with the role of Death in the saga.

β€œIt’s always the same: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. But the thing is, Death has so many designs on my mind that could be used. We saw a design in the Rube Goldberg style. But Death could take us to so many places in Final Destination. In my original story, as I am a huge fan of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Death played with them psychologically. Whether it was for some sin or something bad that they had done.

So they ended up committing suicide. That was a little darker. I don’t think I want to make that movie right now. But I think it would be interesting to explore the world of Death. Almost like we did with the second installment. I want to expand the mythology. If I go back I would like to do something different ”.

The truth is that there are big plans for Final Destination 6 and that this installment can revitalize the entire saga. At the moment the project is only under development. The studio has yet to give the green light and they should start production. So we would still have to wait a few years to see how the universe of the saga is explored.


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