A New Super PAC Aims To Elect BTC Advocates And ‘Vote Out Anti-Bitcoin Politicians Like Brad Sherman, Elizabeth Warren


According to the Financial Freedom PAC website, which was created by Bitcoin Magazine Grant McCarty, the new Super PAC Bitcoin supports candidates that wish to protect and promote the adhering to legal rights of proprietors in the United States.

In essence, a Super PAC is an independent political organization that receives contributions in order to boost independent political action and aid in the implementation of public policy.

While Super PACs are unable to directly give to political candidates, they can make indirect contributions.

The Website Of The Financial Freedom PAC.

The Financial Freedom PAC, supports four political candidates: Ohio Republican Senate candidate Josh Mandel, California Democrat House candidate Aarika Rhodes, Ohio Democrat House candidate Matthew Diemer, and Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters.

Corporations, unions, organizations, and individuals can donate to the Financial Freedom PAC, but they cannot do so in US dollars. Fiat donations are now not operating, according to the company’s website.

This is a characteristic, not a bug. Please make a bitcoin donation.

Voting Out Anti-Bitcoin Politicians

In enhancement to the bitcoin-centric Super PAC, McCarty additionally disclosed the Bitcoin Advocacy Project (BAP), and the Bitcoin Policy Institute (BPI).

BAP has actually released a Nakamoto Grant and granted it to the BPI as the institute released a white paper worrying about nationwide safety. The primary objective for the company BAP is to produce an orange wave throughout Washington.

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