A Super App in Make – Says Ethereum Co-Founder


Mihai Alisie, Co-Founder of Ethereum, is one of the latest searches on the internet for his announcement on plans of making a social “Super App” for dapps as a remedy to one of their biggest flaws.

Here’s quick sneak to his thoughts and plan in action:

  • Ethereum’s mentions that the process of expansion of a product they sell, hasn’t been a challenge in past, however, it’s the acceptance in the community.
  • Akasha – A startup by Mihai is dedicated in developing an Ethereum-based social network framework with a goal to achieve it as a “super app” in sometime.
  • Alisie decides to not move out of Zug, by staying in at his native place Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley”.

Mihai being one of the oldest founding members of Ethereum who was known as Vitalik Buterin’s right hand, however, has just gained limelight after the announcement of a project that could be a start of new social period for Ethereum.

Flashback and Inspiration

From a strange looking house in the suburbs of Zug, Switzerland, where Mihai still resides for over 5 years, got his inspiration of the super app by watching the blockchain platforms.

In his words, what he was more impressed to see was how thousands of blocks were working together without a crash. Well, he had his inspiration to ignite a new internet revolution.

What’s Next for Ethereum?

After rigorous efforts for establishing Ethereum’s founding team in June 2014, Mihai, was all set to channel his thoughts to his inspiration of building the “Ethereum Community”.

Inspired from the word ‘ether’ in Sanskrit, Akasha was launched in 2015, however, the project was kept low-profile.

Mihai said, “It was maybe ahead of its time because there were more pressing things at the time to figure it out, like, hey, you know, that blockchain?”

Akasha foundation henceforth is currently shaping the new face of Ethereum’s Community with two projects in hand: 

  • Akasha.world, which is more of a framework to allow users to build a social network.
  • Ethereum.world: would work to boost the usage of dapps.

Mihai said, “It’s a super app of sorts that is designed to integrate all these different Ethereum dapps and services into a unified social experience”.

Well, that sounds promising enough!

When to Expect the Super App capture the market?

This question might have come striking to the mind at the beginning itself, so here we are to reveal what Mihai Alisie believes the super app still is in the very early days and hence, it may take about the next 5 years to not build a marketshare but build a mindshare.

With all this coinciding with Ethereum’s 5th anniversary on July 30th, Mihai, looks at it as an achievement where books have already been written for what they have done and what’s coming next!

More success to Ethereum and the unsung efforts of Mihai Alisie!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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