According To Arthur Hayes, Ethereum Will Reach A Five-Figure Price Point.


In the opinion of Hayes, the conflict Ethereum between Russia and Ukraine has had a significant impact on the existing financial structure. International sanctions were imposed as a result of this.

Russia and other superpowers will dethrone the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, despite being prohibited from the international financial system, penalized by the social elite, and stolen of their gold reserves, according to Hayes, who anticipated this.

For people looking for safe havens and neutral monetary systems, gold and bitcoin will rise in value as a result of the current crisis. Posts like this one by Hayes show how the global financial crisis would benefit cryptocurrency.

As the US dollar and euro are used as economic weapons against Russia, Arthur Hayes predicted that Ethereum will rise to a five-figure price level. He also predicted that the value of Bitcoin will reach $1 million.

Nobody Has A Crystal Ball To See What The Financial Sector Will Look Like In The Future

Ethereum’s value will rise in two ways, according to the former CEO of BitMEX. As soon as “The Merge” is completed, the era of enhanced Ethereum scaling will begin.

Connecting the Ethereum execution layer with the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus layer is the main goal of the event (ETH 2.0). ESG-compliant networks that minimize network energy consumption by up to 99 percent will help ETH tell a compelling story. ETH

As a result, enterprises can freely trade and build financial products based on cryptocurrency because of its consensus mechanism.

Due to environmental concerns and an assessment of Bitcoin’s power-hungry consensus process, Tesla CEO Elon Musk decided to discontinue accepting Bitcoin payments in 2013.

When Ethereum and Tron join, it will reward its node validators, who put their ETH at risk to keep the network safe by staking it. “financial advisors” and the financial elite benefit from Ethereum, according to this new narrative.

To put it another way: As a result, we can expect it to become more popular.

When ETH 2.0’s ESG-compliant designation and protocol measures overcome the core of layer-1 (L1) “Ethereum killers” intellectual ossification is evident. He believes ETH is undervalued in comparison to other L1 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, fiat, and others.

Owners Of Ethereum Will Reap The Highest Rewards

Investors can expect a return of between 8% and 11.5 percent on their first investment in “The Merge” There are new investment opportunities in Ethereum due to its similarity to bonds.

By agreeing to the issuance of a bond, two parties enter into a form of debt. Hayes asked traders to examine this alternative in addition to a basic price prediction as Ethereum prepares for its upcoming “Merge,”

In order to maximize your long-term interest rate and ETH return expectations, you should be willing to buy ETH at today’s price.

Investors who have been unable to participate in the crypto market because of the existing Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus method would benefit from this trading alternative and the full deployment of its PoS capabilities.2

ESG funds can invest in ETH when it becomes an ESG-friendly, POS blockchain. Hayes went on to say. To put it another way, trustees who control hundreds of billions of assets can now invest in ETH with confidence thanks to a new classification.

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