Ace Ventura 3 Being Planned! Jim Carrey On The Cards


Actor Jim Carrey could repeat with his most mythical, funny, and crazy character in the comic film Ace Ventura 3.

In recent years, Jim Carrey’s film career was at a pretty low point. But thanks to the premiere of Sonic and his portrayal of the villain Dr. Robotnik, he has once again had a great box office success, and now he could repeat some of his most mythical characters like Stanley Ipkiss from The Mask or Ace Ventura, the pet detective.

In early 2020, there was a flood of news about Ace Ventura 3. It was said that Morgan Creek Productions was waiting for Jim Carrey to sign the project to begin preproduction. However, since then there have been no further updates on this matter. But according to new information, a new adventure from the world’s most famous pet detective is in full swing.

This character certainly deserves a new installment in today’s world.
The first installment was released in 1994, while the second was in 1995, so it has been 25 years since we saw Jim Carrey investigating animal disappearances. In all this time, the world has changed a lot, so it would be very interesting to see what has happened all this time with Ace Ventura. Especially how the time in which we live now has adapted. In addition, he has already had to find a bat so that two African tribes do not fall out, now perhaps he should find the winged mammal responsible for the spread of the Coronavirus and thus they can get the definitive vaccine against COVID-19.

Two Even Dumber Fools of 2014 had a budget of about 40 million and grossed more than 169 million in total, so there are still a lot of people who are willing to go to the movies to see how Jim Carrey plays again. It’s the most famous character from the 90s.

Would you like to see Jim Carrey doing his crazy things in Ace Ventura 3 again?


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