Adam Sandler And The Worst Netflix Comedy!


Adam Sandler wants to make the worst comedy ever for Netflix.

Netflix and Adam Sandler have formed a team that works perfectly since every movie that is released on the platform is an exaggerated success.

Last year, Adam Sandler joked that if he failed at the least a nomination for Best Actor at the Oscars for his incredible performance in Diamonds in the Rough (Uncut Gems) on Netflix, would aim to make the worst movie ever in retaliation for having been ignored. People took his words seriously and thought that Hubie’s Halloween (2020) was his revenge. But it seems he has something worse in mind.

Adam Sandler clearly does not care what the critics say, and his style has worked well in recent years, especially because they have to worry about the box office to the brand directly on Netflix. So you can come up with the stories you want because you have full creative control.

It will make the worst comedy ever.

The new information claims that Adam Sandler is still planning to purposely create something terrible to fulfill his promise. For this, you have several options since you could make a sequel to one of your films, such as Hubie’s Halloween 2. But it can also refer to a Sandler-verse where it would include all the characters it has ever played in the same story. Aside from being crazy, it could be the worst thing in movie history. Although it sure has an exaggerated audience.

Also, whether a movie is good or bad is very subjective, since a comedy, no matter how absurd, if it is something funny, it can be considered good. It would be worse if he wanted to make the film with less grace in the story.

For now, Adam Sandler’s plans center on Hustle, a basketball scout who discovers a phenomenal street player while in China and sees in him his chance to be able to return to the NBA. But he will also make a science fiction film, where he will travel in a spaceship in which he should be alone, but there is something lurking in the shadows. Not forgetting that he will once again lend his voice to Dracula in the animated film Hotel Transylvania 4.


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