Alert Potterhead’s! Vera Bradley and Warner Bros Team Up For New Harry Potter Merchandises! Deets Inside

Since 2001 the only dream all kinds of the 90’s have had is to wake up someday and find themselves in a wizard school with magical adventure waiting ahead for them. 

Oh! I have even lost the count of the number of times I have held a broom expecting I’d be able to take off and then play the magnificent game of quidditch.

Well! To fulfill our dreams finally and to bring our childhood back again by their genius creativity, luckily Vera Bradley the leading designer and Warner Bros have teamed up. The exclusive Vera Bradley and Harry Potter capsule collection are available on Vera Bradley’s full-line stores and Vera Bradley retailers too. 

You could also check out the amazing collection on Vera Bradley’s official website. The collection includes handbags, duffels, lunch totes, accessories, backpacks, and a lot more. With the touch of iconic symbols from Harry Potter the collection carrier mark of Vera Bradley as it’s full of brightness and colors. 

Alert Potterhead’s! Vera Bradley and Warner Bros Team Up For New Harry Potter Merchandises! Deets Inside

Inspired by the requests made by fans the collection is launched with tiniest of details like symbols, ID, case, and much more. The team has even ensured to divide the collection into four different houses namely Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin.

For the fans that have been following both Harry Potter and Vera Bradley since forever, this is an absolutely exciting moment. Beginning a magical era from 2001 to 2011 J.K Rowling’s Novel inspired series has had the ability to take each viewer into a virtual world of magic. 

Since then all have just dreamt to be a part of extraordinary adventures. Now, not just us but the future generation is also going to be able to experience the magical universe with the extraordinary merchandise making all feel like a part of Hogwarts.

For further details on the collection stay connected with us as always!

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