Alice In Borderland Season 2: What’s Known So Far?


Netflix’s Alice in Borderland: All information about season 2 and the manga ending

Alice in Borderland on Netflix is ​​brutal and ends with a nasty cliffhanger. All information about season 2 and how the story ends in the manga template can be found here.

The new Netflix series Alice in Borderland is not for the faint of heart and fascinates with brutal death games in which the protagonist Arisu has to take part in the mysterious Borderland. After 8 episodes and leaves Season 1 with a shocking twist and lots of questions. We need season 2 as soon as possible!

Here you can find out everything about the extension, start, and plot of Alice in Borderland Season 2 on Netflix and what the manga template reveals about the series sequel. And if you already want to know how the manga ends, you’ll find it at the end of the article.

Alice in Borderland just recently launched on Netflix. But the streaming service didn’t hesitate and only 14 days after the start officially announced a second season.

Alice in Borderland catapulted herself directly into the Netflix Top 10 and is very popular in many countries. In Germany, the series currently (as of December 24th) holds 3rd place in the Top 10 series.

When could Alice in Borderland season 2 start on Netflix?

Since Alice in Borderland has already been extended by a second season, we could expect this on Netflix as early as 2021. The possible start date was already indicated in the finale of the first season. When several airships fly over Tokyo, advertisements for 2021 can be discovered on some house facades.

The manga offers enough material for further seasons.

The Netflix series Alice in Borderland is an adaptation of the manga Imawa no Kuni no Arisu. The plot of season 1 covers about 31 of the total of 64 chapters. The events of the remaining 33 manga chapters as well as a spin-off manga about the character Shuntaro Chishiya (Cheshire) provide enough material for season 2 – and even season 3. And even then, Arisu’s story is not over.

Alice in Borderland Trailer: What’s Your Favorite Game?

The original manga was completed in Japan in 2016. In the course of the Netflix filming, author Haro Aso picked up the pen again to create a sequel that will tell Arisus’s story many years later. The manga sequel is titled Alice in Borderland Retry and started in October 2020.

Alice in Borderland: So it should go on in season 2 for Arisu and Co. on Netflix

The game has only just begun. Actually, the players thought they had completed all the games and collected all 40 cards after surviving the cruel massacre of the 10 of hearts game.

But at the end of season 1, Arisu, Usagi, Cheshire, and Hikari enter the control center of the game master and are greeted there by the shocking video message from a mysterious woman. The queen of hearts reveals herself.

The Queen of Hearts opens a new game in which the face cards (jack, queen, and king) can be captured for the first time. Airships appear over Tokyo announcing the new games. These games take the previous level of difficulty to unimagined heights. Only when these are completed can Arisu and Co. leave the borderland – if they survive.

If you don’t want to wait for season 2 to get answers, we can already tell you how Arisus’s story ends up in the middle. So be careful, in the next section there will be massive spoilers at the end of Alice in Borderland.

What is the Borderland?

This is how the manga Imawa no Kuni no Arisu ends.

If the title of Alice in Borderland didn’t already give it away: the manga Imawa no Kuni no Arisu, as well as the Netflix adaptation, are based on motifs from Lewis Carroll’s literary classic Alice in Wonderland. Many of the characters in the series are based on well-known characters such as the hatter, the Cheshire cat, the smoking caterpillar, and of course Alice herself.

As already announced at the end of the 1st season, Arisu and Co. will have to face the Borderland version of the Queen of Hearts later. Her final game is fittingly a game of croquet.

But in the end, do we find out what the Borderland is all about? And will Arisu be able to leave this again? In the end, the manga doesn’t want to give a very clear answer, similar to Alice in Wonderland.

However, it turns out that the borderland is not our earth and the people didn’t suddenly disappear. In truth, all participants in the games we’re involved in a meteorite impact in Tokyo and then transported to a parallel world or a kind of purgatory (Greetings from Lost).


In purgatory, i.e. in the borderland, the fates of the victims of the impact are reflected. All people who die in Borderland have died in the real world too. If you were injured during the collapse, sooner or later you will also get these injuries in the Borderland.

At the end of the manga, the survivors are brought back to earth. There is also a happy ending. Arisu and Usagi have returned safely to reality and are starting a happy family.

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