Alien VS Predator: Release Date For The Series!


The Alien vs Predator movies may not be insanely good, but they undoubtedly have incredible potential.

Alien is one of the greatest horror sagas of all time and the Predator also has a huge fan base. That is something that Disney knows perfectly and now that they have the film rights they intend to exploit both characters everything they want. So they are preparing a series of Alien vs Predator, where the two extraterrestrial beings will face each other again, catching a group of humans in the middle.

It all started with the 1990 movie Predator 2 (Predator 2), this story starred Danny Glover as policeman Mike Harrigan. He was facing a predator on the streets of Los Angeles. In the end, among the trophies that this being had, we found an Alien skull. This caused fans to long to ask for the Alien vs Predator movie, something that happened in 2004 and also got a sequel in 2007.

The serial format can work very well.

The first installment of Alien vs Predator raised 177 million worldwide and the sequel 130 million, they are two figures somewhat low, so perhaps betting on a series for the streaming platform Disney + or Hulu, may be more successful. This way, both human and alien characters can be better developed.

Current plans are to make a Predator reboot movie and the series would function as a sort of sequel. So they could unite the story both in cinemas and streaming. Hopefully, Alien vs Predator will be as shocking as its two main monsters and thus return them to the status of great horror and science fiction characters, as they have lost it over the years.

Are you eager to see an Alien vs Predator series?


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