Alita: Battle Angel Will Be A Disney+ Series!


They are developing a Disney + series that will be a prequel to Alita: Battle Angel, the 2019 film based on Yukito Kishiro’s best-selling manga.

Alita: Battle Angel was not a great box office success in the United States, however in the rest of the world it made a lot of money since they made a total of more than 404 million dollars. That’s why so many people have been asking for the sequel, and director Robert Rodriguez, producer James Cameron, and star Rosa Salazar have never hidden their desire to return. But things may be very different and instead of doing a second part, they will make a prequel in a Disney + series format.

According to the new information, Disney will continue to narrate the life of the advanced cyborg, as they are developing a series of prequels for the company’s streaming service. So they would show us the backstory of Alita: Battle Angel and her time as a shock trooper within the United Republics of Mars. Although at this point, they don’t know if Cameron or Rodríguez will be involved in the project or not.

Alita: Battle Angel is one of the few Japanese manga adaptations to have had a positive reception. Even critics praised the film for its bold and ambitious approach. And many casual viewers absolutely fell in love with the perfectly CGI-generated cyborg and the story of its origins.

What is the movie about?

Many years after the planet was devastated by a great war, humanity lives divided between a great city in the sky and the people who live below on earth. A doctor finds a Cyborg and manages to give him life, like this Alita: A combat angel who begins a new life and must adapt to that new world he is discovering. Luckily when there is danger he discovers that he has extraordinary fighting skills. She must find out what happened in the past while winning races in a sport as popular as it is deadly.

The end of the movie Alita: Battle Angel was very exciting because it challenges the great villain who lives in the city in the sky.


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