Alive Will have a Sequel? Netflix’s, Alive’s Update

Alive Will have a Sequel? Netflix’s, Alive’s Update
Alive Will have a Sequel? Netflix’s, Alive’s Update

Korean dramas and films are getting a bit famous now, people are liking the Korean dramas. Fans are crazy about Korean films and OTT platforms to have taken the responsibility to present what fans want. People are waiting for the #Alive now and they are expecting the Sequel. 

Today will provide all the information that we find out and have about #Alive and some interesting Facts about #Alive. 

The 1st good news for fans is Netflix had announced that they will release #Alive on their platform. Originally the movie was released on June 24 this year and Netflix has Finalized the date on September 8, 2020. So if you are a Korean Movie Fan, you have more movies to watch!

We, Will, Have Sequel For #Alive?

This movie is great to watch and a huge hit among Korean fans and movie lovers, if you want a great movie to watch you can directly go for it, and you will love it. 

The thriller has hyped the fans and they are desperate to know about the sequel. They will get the sequel or not? There’s a chance to have a sequel for the movie. The popularity of the movie is on the peak and people’s love for the movie is on another level. 

Alive Will have a Sequel? Netflix’s, Alive’s Update
Alive Will have a Sequel? Netflix’s, Alive’s Update

Director Il Cho made the movie masterpiece and people are loving it!

#Alive | Cast

Star cast

  • Ah-In Yoo as Oh Joon-woo
  • Hyun-Wook Lee as Sang Cheol
  • Shin-Hye Park as Kim Yoo-Bin
  • Hee-Jung So as Joon-Woo’s Mother
  • Bae-soo Jeon as Mask Man

Other Cast

  • Woong Jong Jeon as Infected Fireman 
  • Boi-B Joo as Joon-Woo’s Sister
  • Hak-Seon Kim as Joon-Woo’s Father
  • Chae Kyung Lee as Mask Man’s Wife
  • Kyu-Ho Lee as Infected Person
  • Hye-Won oh as a Police officer
  • Jin So-Yeon as Elena Kim

Closure | #Alive

#Alive is a great movie to watch, the storyline is great just like the ongoing condition of coronavirus so you can relate to it but in the movie, you will see people getting infected and turned into Zombies. This show has a huge fan base till now.

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