All about the upcoming DC Extended Universe projects that every hardcore fan should know about.


Let’s start with a little background of the DCEU aka DC Extended Universe is an American 11th-highest-grossing film franchise (having grossed over $5.48 billion) who are in the business of crossovers of DC Comics storyline, settings, cast and characters, and a series of superhero films, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. 

The highest-grossing film of the franchise is Aquaman which has earned over $ 1.15 billion worldwide to date.

There are 8 big banner and critically acclaimed films produced by DCEU till date:

  • Man of Steel (released on 14th Jun’2013)
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (released on 25th Mar’2016)
  • Suicide Squad (released on 5th Aug’2016)
  • Wonder Woman (released on 2nd Jun’2017)
  • Justice League (released on 17th Nov’2017)
  • Aquaman (released on 21st Dec’2018)
  • Shazam! (release on 5th Apr’2019)
  • Birds of Prey (release on 7th Feb’2019)

Following the release trends of these fantabulous movies, we can surely say that DCEU is having a lot more in store for the spectators like us. But as per the history of release dates of DCEU movies, we are not very sure about the release dates of upcoming movies, even though the plans are laid down by the studio already as follows:

All about the upcoming DC Extended Universe projects that every hardcore fan should know about.
  1. Wonder Women 1984 – It was planned to be released on 2nd Oct’2020, however, due to the effect of Covid-19 widespread, it is hard for the studio to do so, still we can predict it to be launched sometime in 2021.
  • Storyline: In the 1980s the heroine Diana Prince conflicts with Soviet Union (during the cold war), and finds out more about the Cheetah and Maxwell Lord
  1. The Suicide Squad is planned to be released on 6th Aug’2021
  2. The Batman is planned to be released on 1st Oct’2021
  3. Black Adam is planned to be released on 22nd Dec’2021
  4. The Flash is planned to be released on 3rd Jun’2022
  5. The Shazam! 2 is planned to be released on 4th Nov’2022
  6. Aquaman 2 is planned to be released on 16th Dec’2021

There are a lot of other projects which are in development too, few of them are as follow:

  1. The Amazonians
  2. Batgirl
  3. Blue Beetle
  4. Booster Gold:
  5. Cyborg
  6. Deadshot
  7. Deathstroke
  8. Gotham City Sirens
  9. Green Lantern Corps
  10. Harley Quinn vs the Joker
  11. Joker film
  12. Justice League sequel
  13. Justice League Dark
  14. Lobo
  15. Man of Steel sequel
  16. New Gods
  17. Nightwing
  18. Plastic Man
  19. Supergirl
  20. Supergirl
  21. Wonder Woman 1984 sequel

As you can see from the number of titles we already know about, it is indeed a great deal to take these project off the grounds and eventually take it to the silver screen, but yes it ties us with a lot of hope that DCEU can bring to us for a better future.

DCEU is also in the process of developing TV series which is sharing the continuity with The Batman, it is a spin-off police procedural drama that is centered on the Gotham City police department.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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