All Hail Hollyoaks

All Hail Hollyoaks
All Hail Hollyoaks

Hey guys, here I’m back with the latest updates of the showbiz world.

Thrill, action, romance, horror, comedy-drama, and what not is ruling our days now. Literally, some of us have set milestones by watching a wide range of movies, series, and shows.

Today, I have some important news update for all of you from Hollyoaks.


Hollyoaks’ spokesperson confirmed the news of character Ollie being recast as actor Aedan Duckworth leaves the show. 

This Hollyoak fame first appeared in the Channel 4 soap in January 2018, as Luke Morgan’s secret son. Aedan was last seen on screen as Ollie this week in scenes that were shot in March before the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to the production settings. 

In the episode that was aired on Monday, September 21, Aedan portraying Ollie’s character made a hurried exit in scenes that were shot before lockdown. The reason for Aedan’s exit has not been clarified yet. 

All Hail Hollyoaks
All Hail Hollyoaks

About the show

This British soap opera which started airing back in October 1995, was one of the firsts of its kind targeting a young audience. It affluently managed to cover many taboo subjects with anthropological and social bends which were rarely seen on British television, previously.

From a little group of 14 members, the cast now has become a team of 50, all putting equal effort in showcasing their awesome team spirit. 

The show has managed to bag a number of big awards since then. From more than thirty British Soap Awards to one National Award it has conquered all of it.

Therefore, I must say that television shows are contributing largely towards bringing a change in the society. Please do share your thoughts about it with us. 

And such a good show should never be missed.

Happy Watching all! 


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