All the gaming fans out there, how are you doing. Bored you say? Well you won’t be bored anymore as we have something on Diablo 4. Today we will tell you about the possible Diablo 4 character classes. Here we go. 


1. Rogue: The Rogue was the first and the most flexible class to date. It can be easily trained to use weapons and magic alike. Rogue first featured in Diablo 1.

2. Warrior: The Warrior was the best class for melee weapons lover. It could also repair them. The only drawback was it was not capable of doing magic. Warrior first featured in Diablo 1 only. 

3. Monk: The Monk is also a melee fighter but unlike Warriors, Monks are fast. Along with repairing weapons, they can self heal as well. Monk first featured in Diablo 3.


4. Paladin And Crusader: Both are also meleed fighters. The thing that sets them apart is that they are both divine fighters with divine powers. Paladin first featured in Diablo 2 and Crusader in Diablo 3.

5. Amazon And Demon Hunter: Both are good range weapons users. The primary fighting style of Amazon is melee and that of Demon Hunter is by using dark skills. Amazon first featured in Diablo 2 and Demon Hunter in Diablo 3.

6. Assassin: As the name suggests, they are very good assassins and are particularly famous for using claw-like weapons. Assassin first featured in Diablo 2.

7. Necromancer, Witch Doctor, And Wizard: All three of them have mastery in the division of dealing with undeath and that is what makes them special. All three of them firs featured in Diablo 3.

We know you must be getting anxious to play this game but sadly the game is not going to release anytime soon as announced by the game developer Blizzard. Can you guess when will the game release? Comment down your guesses in the comment box.


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