Top 10 Alternatives Of Axie Infinity And Competitors

alternatives of Axie Infinity
alternatives of Axie Infinity

In the modern scenario, players are concentrating more on alternatives of Axie Infinity as it has become very expensive for newcomer players. Players need to purchase at least 3 Axis to play the game which is becoming a burden to the players.

Before selecting alternatives to Axie Infinity, players should know about Axie Infinity. It is the monster battle NFT-based online video game as well as the trading and battling game which enables players to collect and raise trade.

Top 10 Alternatives Of Axie Infinity And Competitors
Axie Infinity

Characteristics of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game and is famous for rewarding players. Players utilize their efforts and talents to earn the rewards. As the axis is itself currencies, therefore players can either breed creatures, trade, or sell those in order to earn crypto or real-world money or currency.

  • Axie Infinity put emphasis on four primary features like Battle, Breeding, Land, and Market Place. It is a turn-based card game where players defeat their adversaries. The game also focuses on four criteria like health, skill, speed, and morale.
  • For the players who think whether Axie Infinity is free, they must know that it is not free. Players can play with $5 to $10. Currently, the minimum price for the game is $200. So, players have to spend $600($200×3) to play.
  • Axie Infinity is basically an online game, but if players want to play Axie infinity offline they can do it after downloading on mobile devices. But there will be some problems while playing the adventure and battle mode due to the lack of players who play offline.
  • Axie Infinity provides scope for the newcomer players to earn from 75 up to 300+ SLPs (Smooth Love Potions) per day. It depends on the Axie team, players’ skill, and energy. On average players can even earn roughly 150 to 200 SLPs every day. The rate of earnings rises only when the players gain mastery control of the game and become skilled throughout the game.
  • At the beginning of the game, players receive 20 Energy points per day. These energy points will be used when players enter the Adventure or Arena mode of the game.

Method to Play Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game and players must know how to play Axie Infinity. Players consider the following aspects as prerequisites to play Axie Infinity.

  1. Players have to buy either Ethereum Wallet or Ethereum with their own current wallet including Binance, Metamask as Axie Infinity mainly runs on Ethereum.
  2. After purchasing the Wallet, players need to sign up for an official account named as Axie Infinity Marketplace.
  3. Those players who have created the Ethereum Wallet through Metamask can able to log in directly into the NFT game.
  4. Players must download the “Ronin Wallet” browser extension. It can be downloaded in a variety of web browsers namely, Google Chrome, Firefox, and others.
  5. Ronin Wallet is attached with the player’s account from the Marketplace dashboard of the Axie user account.
  6. Ronin Bridge is used to deposit Ethereum from the main wallet to the Ronin wallet.
  7. Players can buy Axis using Axie Infinity Marketplace and they can start playing the game on Windows, Android, and macOS.
  8. Players need to purchase 3 Axis from the marketplace and after that, they have to start the game. Players Go to AXIES>Sync Axis.
  9. Selecting “TEAMS” players can create their own team.
  10. There are two game modes. Adventure Mode (PvE) and Arena Mode (PvP).
  11. Battles of both Adventure and Arena mode costs 1 energy.

Modes of Earning from Playing Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity provides rewards to the players in the form of digital tokens known as Smooth Love Potions (SLPs). Users can trade the tokens in exchange for real money.

  • Since users have to purchase three axes before beginning the game, they can use those axes while playing both Adventure and Arena modes.
  • In Adventure mode, players have to battle against the environment monsters in the initial levels. If they can play successfully, this mode enables players to earn up to 50 SLPs per day.
  • In Arena mode, players have to battle against each other engaging their own axis. In this mode, players earn SLPs depending on their matchmaking rating (MMR) level. Players with maximum MMRs can earn up to 21 SLPs per day.
MMR Rate Rewards
<800 No SLPs
800-999 1 SLPs
1000-1099 3 SLPs
1100-1299 7 SLPs
1300-1499 8 SLPs
1500-1799 9 SLPs
1800-1999 10 SLPs
2000-2199 11 SLPs
>2200 12 or more SLPs


  • Rewards are also given to the players on the basis of completing their daily tasks. It means players have to win at least 10 battles in Adventure mode and 5 battles in Arena mode. If players can easily fulfill the target able to earn 75 SLPs per day.
  • This earning mode is termed “farming”, where Axie players need to play only engaging their skill, talent, health, and morale to earn digital tokens.

Procedure to Download Axie Infinity for Androids- Axie Infinity type of game can be downloaded for android devices. Players should consider the following methodology.

  1. Users need to open the official game website “Axie Infinity” on their default mobile browser.
  2. As the website opens, users have to click on the Play Now button present on the top right corner of the screen.
  • A new pop-up screen will appear along with three options. Users must click on the Android version in order to download.
  1. After the downloading is done, users browse to their download folder and then click on the “Axie Infinity.apk” to install it.
  2. Users need to turn on the option of “install from unknown sources” on their android settings to install the game. 

Free Game Similar to Axie Infinity

Gods Unchained is a game like Axie Infinity but free. It is a free-to-play NFT game and earned fame for merging various NFT components with card trading games.

Players can earn cards after winning player versus player match or lending from other expert players. Players are provided 140 cards in total with 6 decks at the beginning.

Neon District is another game like Axie Infinity but free. It is a free-to-play NFT game and easily accessible to a large number of players all over. It is a cool-looking game with decent graphics.

It is completely free but if players want they can buy some equipment for playing. This is not at all mandatory. Players can earn rewards after forming a team delivering Neon Pizzas and therefore can earn Neon.

alternatives of Axie Infinity
alternatives of Axie Infinity

Alternatives of Axie Infinity Game

The most important Axie alternative games from which players are highly benefitted mostly depend on Axie Infinity alternative Reddit and reviews.


It is a great Axie Infinity alternative game. The game created a good marketplace.StarMon NFTs can be collected, traded, and battled with enemies in adventure mode.

It possesses mining, farming, and NFT minting opportunities for the players to earn revenues in long run.There are other NFTs namely, StarMon Lands, StarMon Avatar.


It is one of the biggest war games available on the Binance network. It is an alternative to Axie Infinity and also helps players battle and collect money. In this game, players can either stake NFTs, trade heroes, or sell items in order to earn rewards.

In the present situation, the cheapest hero is listed for $485.The essential elements of the game include- land and camping, pet systems, guild battles, and monsters.

My Defi Pet

It is an Axie Infinity type of game as well as a play-to-earn NFT based monster battling and raising game. The game allows the players to collect, breed, train, evolve, and battle with their virtual pets.

The virtual pets are available in various shapes and sizes, ranging from cute to scary. Like Axie Infinity, it also provides enough scope for earning through PvP and PvE battles, attaining desired quests, participating in World Boss Events. It provides a DPET token that is the primary currency used in the game.


It is also an NFT game. The game also provides scope to collect, trade, raise and battle with Binamons. It is the metaverse of digital monsters in gaming. Players earn BMON token rewards after battling and defeating the monsters.

Binamons are unique possessing 10 different body parts with various color combinations. It can provide scholarships and tournament betting in its upcoming phases with a lot of potentials.


It is a game of adorable creatures. Every cat is unique and no players can duplicate or destroy it. Cryptokitties are breedable and collectible. The kitties are available in various colors, sizes, and shapes.

Each kitten possesses their own genome that determines its personality and appearance. Players can able to share their own collection of cats with other breeding communities. Breeding cats allows the players to gain access to unique attributes of the game.


It is the alternative to Axie Infinity and a competitive agricultural game. Players have to complete several challenges in order to unlock and receive TownCoin every day; it is a play-to-earn reward.

The players who receive top positions on the leader board receive major prizes per week. It is one of the most important alternatives of Axie Infinity as it aims to develop productive and efficient towns through growing, gathering, and crafting.

Blockchain Cuties

It is one of the cutest Axie Infinity alternatives. There are several creatures that players can easily train, breed, trade, and send to adventures. There are mainly 12 different types of cuties and the most prominent are Cats, Dogs, Lizards, Aliens, Owls, and Mutants.

All possess their own unique features, but all have similar cute matching eyes. The game can be played on any updated web browser on any device. So, it is easily accessible to a large number of people. It is the first crypto game that runs on different blockchains namely, EOS, Ethereum, Tron, and Neo.

Blockchain Monster Hunt

it is an Axie Infinity type of game and focuses on finding, capturing, hunting, and trading various NFT monsters. The game runs on blockchain in coordination with multiple chains.

There are different lovable and cute monsters, which the players will catch or hunt. The cheapest monster in the marketplace costs $180.The game is appropriate for long-term investment.


It is a multiplayer game that encourages players to catch, trade, battle, and combine different monsters.

The game is available on platforms like Xbox One, Playstation 4, Android, Nintendo Switch, and iOS.The game has launched in its alpha phase.

Monsta Infinite

The game required long-term investment in its initial phase of development, but it possesses low risk. The game is accessible to people from various places because of its low entry cost.

There are large numbers of Monstas with 9 different classes from 3 different nations. Individual Monsta’s body contains 6 different parts that provide additional value to the Monsta. It is a turn-based card battle game along with a match-three puzzle system allowing players to earn money through playing.

Comparison Between Axie Infinity and Cryptokitties
Comparison Between Axie Infinity and Cryptokitties

Comparison Between Axie Infinity and Cryptokitties

Whenever a question arises regarding Axie Infinity versus Cryptokitties, both games focus on earning NFTs and in-game cryptocurrency.

  • In Axie Infinity players have to struggle and fight through different levels to earn rewards, whereas Cryptokitties allows players to earn through breeding a cat.
  • Users perform catfights, puzzles for collecting tokens but in Axie Infinity players need time and effort to earn their desired SLPs.
  • Whenever players focus on hardship then Axie Infinity practice game is the best choice, but when players want a lifestyle with little attention then Cryptokitties is the suitable game.

Similar Games like Cryptokitties

There are several similar games like Cryptokitties, with features similar to Cryptokitties.

CryptoCountries– It put tremendous emphasis on money-making potentialities. It enables players to purchase various countries on a digital map with some amount. If any other players pay more amounts, the country goes to that person.

Crypto-All Stars– Players can buy their desired stuff from the owner at the current auction price and can receive 50% of fees from trading.

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