Amber Heard says she’s very good at playing villains.


Actress Amber Heard is in a good moment in her career, as she has many proposals to appear in great films.

Currently, we can see Amber Heard in the CBS series The Stand that adapts the famous Stephen King novel, where she plays Nadine Cross. Without making many SPOILERS about the book, we must remember that Nadine is a complex character divided between good and evil, and in a recent interview, the actress explained how she played the role.

“During the course of the show, I tried to do Nadine justice and bring out her humanity. A seducer can also be vulnerable, right? Seduction and vulnerability are not mutually exclusive. I think Nadine is no more seductive than a survivor. She is using the tools she has to survive in a world that treats her in a certain way. ”

Nadine Cross and Mera are totally opposite characters.

Amber Heard also joked that it is currently easy for her to play evil women. Contrasting Nadine with her heroic role as Mera in Aquaman or Justice League.

“Both Nadine and Mera are totally different. What I seem to be really good at is getting the audience to believe in the character of the villainous woman! (laughs) Actually, in Aquaman, it was a bit different for me to play someone who is not using their feminine ways to bring evil into the world. But Nadine, on the other hand, is a character that comes with a lot of psychological baggage. There’s a lot of preparation for, frankly, how people behave when they’ve been groomed. To be the owner of his trip was to understand people who come out of cults or who have committed horrendous crimes ”.

Amber Heard will reprise as Mera in Aquaman 2 and it looks like she will have some important scenes previously unreleased in Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League. But it has also come to negotiate with Marvel Studios to join its Cinematic Universe.


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