American Vandal Season 3: The Reason Behind The Cancelation of The Third Season

American Vandal Season 3

After the two seasons on Netflix, the cancellation of American Vandal has shaken the fans. What has happened? Find out more further in this article.

American Vandal was released just after a month another season of the mockumentary chain AV was out and then Netflix declared that the show is canceled. The show became highly popular and hence the audience are a bit disappointed.

The second one of the Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-winning real crime mockery follows documentarians, Peter Ecklund, as they bring their findings skills to an elite Catholic school where someone has been taking poop-related fun at new heights.

So why did Netflix cancel the renowned show?

Netflix has given the statement declaring the cancellation. And it states as follows: The third of American Vandal is not going to come back.

The audience is very thankful to the makers, cast, and all the teammates for giving a novel comedy to Netflix and the viewers and detectors who welcome the unique and humor. As per the reports, the reason for the cancellation is that the American Vandal is sponsored for Netflix by the CBS TV unit.

American Vandal Season 3

As per our sources reports that the sponcerers CBS TV unit has to get many calls to resuscitate the chain for a third season. Moreover, as sponcerers has even been plotting that what season three would be about the anthology.

So this is the main reason that Netflix has canceled the show. As of now, we can say that American Vandal will be much in the air. CBS probably buys the series around to different networks and streaming mediums.

So friends here now we have given all the seemingly reports to you and we will keep update you for the upcoming news.

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