Animal Kingdom season 5: Expectation of fans for Return of Ellen Barkin


Status, release, cast… all the deets are inside!

Inspired by the Australian film entitled Animal Kingdom, the drama of the same name has finally been renewed for a fifth season. Thanks to TNT the Cody family’s wild ride isn’t done yet.

The popular series continues to grow its fanbase as it tops the network TNT’s series ranks for the year. Reaching nearly 18 million viewers, ratings of the fourth season of the show preceded last season’s average making it one of the year’s top 10 cable dramas. 

Therefore it didn’t come as a surprise when TNT renewed the show for a fifth season. To know more keep on reading.


Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, filming of the fifth season is currently on halt. No official announcement has been made regarding the production of the show under safety guidelines and precautions. 

The first season premiered on June 14, 2016, while the second hit the digital screens on May 30, 2017. Consequently, the third season saw a release on May 29, 2018, and the fourth on May 28, 2019.

With filming halted at the moment, it will be difficult for TNT to make the May 2021 cut with 13 episodes. It is highly likely that the cable network will release some episodes and the latter by late 2021.   

Hopefully, the fans can get a glimpse of the upcoming season in 2021. Unless TNT decides to completely postpone the season for a May 2022 release. In that case, we hope you can find comfort in rerunning the 49 episodes. 


Reprising their roles would be Ellen Barkin who is playing the role of Janine Cody, a.k.a Smurf. Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson and Finn Cole will return as Andrew Cody or also known as Pope, Craig Cody and Joshua ‘J’ Cody, respectively. Jake Weary stars as Deran Cody.

Playing the role of Manny is Rigo Sanchez. Scott Speedman too will return as Barry Blackwell along with Molly Gordon who plays Nicky Belmont in the thriller series.  Emily Deschanel joins the cast as Angela, the troubled best friend of J’s mother and Pope’s twin sister in the latest season.


The American thriller revolves around Joshua ‘J’ Cody, a teenager who moves in with his estranged grandmother Janine, a.k.a. Smurf after the death of his mother leaves him orphaned. Janine who happens to be the head of the Cody crime family lives with her three sons, Pope, Craig and Deran.

The fifth season sees Smurf reinstating her status as the head of the family as J’s plan to take control foils. While no details are disclosed, the fifth season will likely see the exposition of Cody’s family’s crime racket.

Inspired by the award-winning Australian film of the same name, written and directed by David Michod and produced by Liz Watts who also serve as executive producers on the series, Animal Kingdom was developed for television by Jonathan Lisco. 

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